Cindy Margolis In Playboy (Again!)

Cindy Margolis In Playboy (Again!)We are less than two years removed from her first naked photo spread, but veteran internet model extraordinaire Cindy Margolis is back in the pages of Playboy, only with much less fanfare this time around. We guess you can only be nude for the first time so many times before it starts to lose a little of its juice. Still, she is a busty babe photographed without her clothes on, so it probably wouldn’t kill you to “download” her one more time.

· Cindy Margolis – Playboy 7-2008 (

· July 2008 (

  • Anonymous

    I had a poster of Cindy in my room when I was 14. Between her and that Cindy Crawford poster I had… ahh memories.

    Considering that was 15 years ago, I’m quite impressed she’s managed to remain in excellent shape. Also, finally, I’ve seen her naked!

  • Crunchbird

    The outrageous amount of airbrushing/PhotoShoppery in these pictures makes me wonder what exactly Cindy looks like, these days. It’s like they contorted her into odd poses and head angles to capture her “best side” and then said, “Ah, fuck it!” and just went to remaking her from head to toe anyway.