Pleasantly Plump: Girls Who Prove That More Is More

When venerable Fleshbot commenter PCBHo requested a roundup of “chubby girls” as part of our new Fleshbot Requests initiative, we couldn’t wait to fulfill her request. ‘Cause, well, she’s not the only one who’s into those kind of girls. Yes, it’s true: we’re not just fans of Gianna Michaels’s pretty face, we’re also pretty into her big round booty and bountiful boobs. For those in search of a little extra padding, we offer up a few of the most pleasantly plump girls we know. (Or at least would like to know a little better, but we had to start somewhere.)

Natasha Nice


Amber Peach

Rucca Page

Sara Stone


Abbey Brooks

Gianna Michaels


Sabina Leigh


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  • Martin

    So, your idea of “plump” is about 20lbs below normal? ;>

  • Anonymous


  • DontFearTheReaper

    They all look regular sized to me. I’d do them all except the woman with the metal in her face. If she removed the face jewelery she’d be hot.

  • swordfish2eva1

    It might be me but lately it seems likely abbey brooks has dropped a lot of weight

  • Dashiell Bennett

    Well, keep in mind that we’re talking porn world here, not real life. They’re certainly bigger than the average Vivid girl.

  • CloudCarrier

    @swordfish2eva1: Same with Natasha, who’s fullness has been depleted, sadly. That being said, I would be happy to join any of these ladies on a trip to the local hamburger shack, strictly for insurance purposes.

  • Lux Alptraum

    To clarify: when PCBHo made her comment, she said she was referring to girls around a size 12. Which, yeah, is normal, but is viewed as chubby in porn/fashion/etc etc etc.

  • Anonymous

    Each one of those ladies is hot in her own right. Great choices, Lux.

  • jay destro

    i dont see any of these broads being “chubby”

    just having big honkers

  • Lux Alptraum

    @famous mortimer: It depends on how you define “chubby.” PCBHo asked for girls around size 12. Now, granted, I can’t go and check out the clothing sizes of all these ladies, but in my experience, that’s about what size 12 looks like.

  • evan_phi

    they’re all normal sized. just the way they should be.

  • Anonymous

    yay! thanks, Lux! These girls are roundabout 10-12ish. 12 is technically plus size in the world of fashion. It’s sold at and Torrid.

    Having “big honkers,” famous mortimer, often makes you look slimmer in the waist. I happen to have an hourglass type shape which balances everything out (although I still don’t look thin).

    Sabina Leigh is definitely pretty hot. I would totally be into bigger chicks, too, but I wasn’t sure if anyone else around here would be. Maybe I should’ve requested size 16/18? sheesh.

  • Brian47

    I’m sorry, I seem to be so blinded by how awesome these women are that I can’t even read the comments on this page… goodness gracious, I think I’m in love with Sara Stone!

  • Brian47

    @PCBHo: Many of us are full of surprises, PCBHo! Probably 10 years ago I would not have thought I’d be into bigger chicks, but there is so infinitely arousing about a woman with naturally rounded curves, real curves on a real women, which are so much fun to explore with one’s hands and more… :)

  • Lux Alptraum

    @PCBHo: We’ll happily provide bigger chicks, too! We welcome beautiful women of all sizes.

  • Anonymous

    @Lux Nightmare: well, missy, you’ll get no complaints from me.

    @Brian47: my husband concurs. who doesn’t love a set of hips to use like bicycle handles when doing the deed? my favorite position to see women photographed in is on their sides. hips look awesome like that!

  • MalzyWheels

    I would die and go to heaven if either Gianna or Sara Stone just smiled at me.

    And I agree, go bigger. I remember having a huge crush on Kelly Buttercup for the limited time she was around. Love the softness of big women. Something nice and secure when you embrace them.

  • shadowy figure

    Good for this post. I’m all about size 12s.

  • Anonymous

    Aside from the horribly cliche name, Lisa Sparxxx is a fave of mine. I think she’s a touch larger than size 12, but pretty face and deadly curves. Great list – greater if she were on it.

  • Anonymous

    as long as they are easy on the eyes and on the thighs, I’m good with it.

    In the immortal words of Spinal Tap…

    big bottoms. big bottoms. Talk about mud flaps, my girl’s got ‘em.

  • maebyfunke

    All these girls look damn hot if you ask me. Up with boobies! Go “porn chubby”! YAY!

  • Dave J.

    What about Vida Sadora? Come on, now!

  • Lux Alptraum

    @Tranari: Basically, I was trying to find a word to describe girls with a little bit of softness/padding, and — inspired by a post by Audacia Ray on Live Girl Review wherein she described Gianna Michaels as “plomp” — I went with plump. I see my mistake now!

  • drunkexpatwriter

    The girls are hot, but certainly not chubby.

    I’m surprised too – since Fleshbot is certainly aware of April Flores….

  • jay destro

    big honkers was quite possibly the best thing i could offer today.

  • Come a little Miroslav Klose You’re My Kind of Man

    @Lux Nightmare: Please, no Beth Ditto. There is large, there is in charge, there is more to love, but I must draw a line in the sand.

    (I know Ms Ditto is not a pornstress, but she moves in a related milieu, synth rock &/or dance pop, & strikes the pose of the hardbitten alt-girl.)

    Anyway, nice work putting this particular series together. Even moreso, the inclusion of the occasional SuicideGirl. I had taken this place for thoroughly anti-SG. Maybe I misread the tea-leaves, though.

  • Lux Alptraum

    @josereyes.theroof wishes to perform Tim Harris’s sack-dance…: Some of us might have issues with how SG is run, but we can still find the girls hot!

  • Dave J.

    @Lux Nightmare: If we’re on the topic of SG, I nominate the delightfully curvy Aiden. Smoking hot.

  • Lux Alptraum

    @drunkexpatwriter: Oh, trust us, there’ll be a round up with April Flores. This round up was focused on girls around a size twelve — I used the word chubby (as used by PCBHo) to try to distinguish from BBW, but I see that was a mistake.

  • Tits McGee

    For those of you who like larger ladies, I have two words: April Flores.


  • Tranari

    Yeah, I’m not sure I’d define these gils as “plump” either. I’d say thy look pretty normal. Hot as hell, but otherwise normal.

  • The HZA.

    Simply delightful.

  • Darkenigma75

    These women are pretty normal. It’s sad they are considered plump. Gorgeous though.

  • Anonymous

    @Tits McGee: Ditto.
    @Lux Nightmare: “We welcome beautiful women of all sizes.” That’s one of the many things I love about you guys.

  • Anonymous

    @Lux Nightmare: yeah, there is definitely a line between chubby and BBW. I can find rolls sexy (depending on the person’s face, like Miss Flores), but I can see I should’ve said “Average American Woman Sized” girls to describe these ladies. Sheesh, everyone here’s a hater, eh? Nit-pickers! Hmmm… I wonder if nit-pickers comes from having to pick lice nits out of one’s hair….That just occurred to me.

  • lustylady

    Me like. Especially the ice cube on the nipple and the last two. Can you do this chubby girls thing again soon?

  • heterophobic

    OH yeah! Yum!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, these girls are at best not horridly underweight, like (sadly) most porn girls. I like curves — what can I say?

  • Snowbunny

    @PCBHo: I’m always shocked at the little amount of negativity present on Fleshbot (compared to other Gawker sites), but people don’t like change. Personally, I like looking at anything hot, so I don’t care what they’re called or what pant size they wear, I like it all.

  • Anonymous

    if this is chubby, then show us the morbidly obese! JUST KIDDING, but seriously, where are the big booties?!

  • Lux Alptraum

    @angelicbeef: They’re acomin’…

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I just found this website because it generated a ton of traffic to my site. Thanks so much for the promotion!

    Its kind of funny to read the discussion, being one of the ladies included and all. I thought I should chime in and say that I actually wear a size 8 or 6 (on a good day). I bring this up to demonstrate how ridiculous the porn industry’s standards of body types are. I weigh 125 and am on the smaller end of normal American women, but am constantly put into the the BBW categories as a performer.

    I embrace it because there’s no shame in being thicker, but its kind of ridiculous when you think about it. Porn and media have certainly warped our ideas of women and body weight. I prefer to call myself a ‘real-size’ model (one with big knockers mind you), but I don’t think anyone else uses that term.

    Once again, thanks for the post. I appreciate you all letting me be part of the discussion.

    Oh, and Lux Nightmare, I love Audacia Ray’s Live Girl Review as well :)

  • Anonymous

    the simple fact that so many people commented on this shows that much of porn industry and media at large (no pun intened) is out of sync with real america. i’d consider these girls just a little ‘thick’ as they say, not really chubby. i guess voloupsuous would be the technical term. besides sara stone, gianna, and sabina leigh, i never heard of any of them, but i don’t think i’d throw any of ‘em under the bus. one of my “it” girls for the moment is certainly bunny de la cruz, althouh she without a doubt is in the BBW CATEGORY. if you do a BBW list she should defintily be in it somewhere…

  • Lux Alptraum

    @cheetahshine: We are totally doing a BBW list, and Bunny de la Cruz has been filed away for consideration.

  • Anonymous