Fleshbot Requests: What Turns You On?

June 30, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by lux-alptraum

While we try to cover a lot of bases here at Fleshbot, we know that all of us (and all of you) have our own special things that gets us going in a naked babe: maybe you like big boobs, or Asian models, or men with pussies ... or even, like in the case of a certain reader who asked us about it last week, girls with freckles. Well, we had such a good time making someone's wishes come true that we decided to put our best babe sleuthing talents to the test and make it a regular feature. Whatever it is that drives you wild, we want to know. Leave a comment letting us know what kind of models get your blossoms tingling and we'll do our best to round up a (very) fine selection of them for your enjoyment. (Unless you request that we do a feature on big boobed Asian men with pussies and freckles, that is. We're afraid you're on your own for that one.)

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