Sex Blog Roundup: Get There If You Can

June 24, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by jonnobot

If not for the Big O, would we even bother taking off our clothes? Some might say that getting there is half the fun, but we're not sure we believe that line of happy crap. The bloggers in today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene are definitely keeping their eyes on the prize: they play, they tease, they torment, they edge, and eventually they come so hard it's surprising the police aren't summoned. We like the way they roll ... and judging from what they have to say, they're pretty pleased with themselves too.

Don't deny AlwaysArousedGirl what she's got coming to her after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by AlwaysArousedGirl

- - -

Don't Fucking Cum

"Make me cum. Don't stop until you make me cum."

Sweat beaded his forehead, and as for me, I was incoherent, murmuring demands as we played deeper into taboo. It was the purest form of teasing. Every five seconds now. I was so close, so close I began clawing at his back, willing him to stay inside and thrust against my clit until I could shake out hard spasms around his cock.

On top of the sheets with the light on and your mom watching -

- Zoe Has Sex

. . .

Too Darn Hot

There, our bodies together, I ground my hips slowly against her, using her favorite stroke to bring her pleasure, before moving to faster, straighter strokes to satisfy my own desires. My own moans peaked into a grunt as I started to come inside of her, and I silently shivered on top as I spurted into her over and over, and she cooed happily at the sensation of my orgasm inside her.
Too darn hot, my ass.

- At Longing's End

. . .

Irish Bitch

I saw my face red and bruised. She pressed the sole of the boot against my cheek, and ground it in forcefully while I watched.

"I want you to tell me something bitch," she demanded. "I want you to look at yourself very, very closely and tell me if you have ever, ever in your life, looked as beautiful as you do right now."

As I started to answer, I came again. There was no genital contact; I simply came. "Never," I howled, "oh Jesus fuck I'm coming…oh God, Jesus, never, never!"

- Stations of the Cross

. . .

Risqué Abstracts #30

I can almost feel you … a crescendo of come, splashing over my cunt, down my thighs. I want to see your eyes close with pleasure, hear you gasp and cry out.

~I'd love to come over your body; watch you stirring your fingers through my come, smoothing it into your skin.

I love that. Is your heart beating faster?

~You know it is. Is yours?

It's pounding. As is my cunt.

- Home

. . .

fucking someone before midnight

I pulled his boxers off, and looked at what was before me. He was cut, which was how I like it and around 7 and a half inches. Ever so slowly I licked up his hard dick, teasing him. I knew he wanted me to do more, but I enjoyed depriving him for a few seconds longer. I licked the around the head, circling it with my tongue. I could hear him gasping, and I put him out of his misery. I opened my mouth, and let in his cock. It slid down my throat, and as it did I let my tongue caress the sensitive underside. I stayed at the base for a minute, and then unleashed the raw energy I had wanted to let out for hours. I bobbed up and down ferociously, sucking hard. I grabbed his tight ass, and pulled it up towards me, elongating his thrusts.

- Diary of a gay dad

- - -

First fantasy

He pushed another pillow under her bottom and looked at her.


She knew He meant rub His cunt. She pushed her fingers down between her legs and slid two fingers into her hole, pushing them in and out, her eyes meeting His, her bottom lifting and her legs parting further. Once her legs part wider she knows she cannot ever pull them back. They were not as wide as they could be, but they were wide.

- EJK's slave

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