Sex Blog Roundup: Summer Lovers Redux

June 20, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by jonnobot

Now that those diplomas have been granted and the beaches are open, it's time to move to the next item on the June calendar: lining up that perfect lover for the summer. Maybe he's been around for a while and now you're aching to get him shirtless outdoors? Or maybe the ex is looking good now that you've split with the winter beau? For some, it's never enough so long as there are more lovers to be had, while others prefer devoting their attention to that special someone ... even if keeping her leashed in the park attracts the local law enforcement. Oh, those summer nights! (Sorry, same director, different movie.)

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Jefferson

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Night Ride: Trigger's Bike

He amuses himself by skimming his fingertips just over my slit while kissing me slowly on the jaw, his lips soft and warm. He must have decided it had been a long while since he had slipped his mouth around my kitten so he lowered himself over me and after kissing me on the lips quickly, he slid all the way down my body, gently lifting my thighs and letting them slip around his shoulders, my feet pressed to his back. My feelings of anticipation were killing me, my pulse beat a loudly as the rain outside and my throat was tight with longing.

- Allegory of an Underage Femme Fatale

- - -

Making Brett Moan

We were both just wrapped in towels and I couldn't resist unwrapping his towel. It started with just a handjob. We kissed as I stroked his cock. I forgot about Luke. He got completely hard.

I took off my towel, then climbed on top of him. I teased him for about three seconds, rubbing my pussy against his cock, before he grabbed my hips and pushed his cock into me with one motion. He told me that there wasn't going to be any teasing. I wasn't going to complain.

- Anal Amy

- - -

For The Love Of Boys

For a while I thought the next lover would be the last. I've given up that dream. I can't see a point where I'll stop. I know that's dangerous, always looking for the next. But it's become a part of who I am, the mistress I've become.

- Forever Mistress

- - -

A Memory

It started with a smile. I opened the kinky drawer of my bedside toy dresser and pulled out a few lengths of my favorite rope - sage green to match her caramel skin. Sage green to match her scent – the sage oil she always wore in a diffuser around her neck. She was naked; we were naked. The smell of sex already lingered heavy on the air.

- Red Sneaker Diaries

- - -

Minuet In O

"That pussy isn't going to fuck itself."

Mr. Piano Man is a strange guy. All the suaveness and bravado of a concert pianist; all the shyness and boyish charm of a young man. Yet, he has a commanding presence and *immensely* talented fingers that I find tremendously difficult to resist. So when he says that I should come over and gives me the line about my pussy not going to fuck itself, I consider it an offer that's not to be turned down.

- The Seduction of Infidelity

- - -

Breaking Kat

"I think we're attracting attention, Mistress," Kat grinned.

It's not every day when a Londoner might take a lunchtime stroll through St James's Park and notice a woman seated comfortably on a bench while a second woman faces her, kneeling on the ground, wearing a studded leather collar around her neck with a dog leash leading back to the first woman's hand.

- Stations of the Cross

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