Sex Blog Roundup: Silver Linings

June 17, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by jonnobot

As we've been fond of complaining about a lot this week, it seems like hardly a day has passed lately without the clouds releasing a downpour of steamy summer rain. While some might be bothered about the weather messing up everyone's plans for outdoor activities, however, other folks know how to make the best of wet situations--like the bloggers in today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene. They use the sounds of stormy weather to stifle their sex moans, and allow all that electricity in the air to jumpstart their own shocking activities. Watch as they strip out of their soaked clothes and get down to business with strap-ons, ball gags and other fun rainy-day implements. Who needs an umbrella anyway?

Get ready for a wet ride with AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by AlwaysArousedGirl

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the air was still and heavy and filled with that pregnant electricity that only comes with certain kinds of thunderstorms. every time the sky crashed it was stained purple for long seconds afterwards and jagged flashes would fix themselves to the backs of my eyelids.

the expectation of it all enhanced an itch i hadn't even noticed until i decided to scratch it. we talked for a few minutes while our energy reconnected but we both knew i wasn't there for conversation. taking my shirt off kickstarted the evening and within seconds we were both naked and i had pushed him to the bed.

- badinfluencegirl

- - -

summer sex. and philip weiss.

Outside, it's humid and hot. I grew up in a hot climate - I'm used to high temperatures - but the air here is so thick and damp that the street dirt sticks to your skin. You'd think summer storms would signal a break in the humidity, but then you wake up the next morning and your summer dress feels like too much clothing.

I hold his cock in my hands and stroke it in a slow, lazy way while we talk. At some point, he reaches forward and puts his hands on my waist to pull me against him so he can take my breast in his mouth. I'm leaning over him, his hard-on pressed between my pelvis and his stomach, and we're moving in sleepy slow motion, his hands on my back, his mouth at my shoulder, and then I'm flipped onto my stomach, my legs spread. I grip the corner of the mattress for stability.

- debauchette

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He catches his hands behind my knees, forcing them back towards my ears. I tilt my pelvis, lowering my eyes to watch his cockhead, violet-rose and weeping, stroke the splayed lips of my cunt. The sound, that distinctively succulent wet of flesh on slick flesh, mingles with our breathing. When he sinks himself, inch by agonizingly slow inch, into me I breathe deeply through my nose, biting my lip. Even after all these years his girth, initially, is hard to take. When there is no more to give, I raise my eyes, finding him watching my face. He withdraws, and I gulp as he slams back in, hurting me.

- Acquiescence

- - -

Wanting It

Her words trailed off as he pushed the hard rubber up her slit until it found her clitoris. Rolling it back and forth, working it around in time with her hips, she fell forward and held herself up with her hands, pushing down on him, grinding in time with his movements.

He bit down harder into the rubber, his neck muscles straining, feeling like a sex toy. His tongue ached to be on her, and instinctively pushed against the ball clamped in his teeth. He could feel the twitches in her thighs and heard guttural sounds coming from deep inside her throat.

-">Little Submissions

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A Couple of Random Thoughts

That really hit home last night, as she tried to choke me with her cock — the purple one that usually goes in her strap-on harness. She wanted to feel my teeth, to feel my mouth on a cock — her cock — and it just wasn't happening. She still gets off on it — the power, the thrusting, the feel of having that weight right around your crotch, that tool jutting out and just waiting for you to shove it into something warm, wet and tight — but there's always going to be that elusive element we'll never get right. I'm the same way. As much as I love anal with her — and I do — the ass is just not a vagina. The prostate is not a clitoris.

- Under The Boot

- - -

a gentle torture

Her hands over her body as mine in proxy, my voice soothing her, starting to craft a ghost of myself for her. I listened eagerly to the moans and the sighs, the breaths and the cries, desperately putting myself right there with her. My mouth on her nipples, twisting away with sucking and tonguing, as my hands poured themselves over every inch of her body. My body naked with hers, the clothing flung off and away as fast as possible. My cock lying in wait between her thighs slowly and surely closer and closer.

- six elaborates...

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