PHST Analyzed

November 20, 2003 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


There's probably little doubt left in anyone's mind at this point whether the PHST is genuine, but if you're the type who insists on detailed forensic analysis of celebrity sex videos before making up your mind, provides this helpful guide—along with a brief PH biography, in case you're also the type who's still wondering "Who the hell is Paris Hilton anyway?"
Paris Hilton sex video analyzed! ( - thanks Scott)

And the (mostly unfunny) parodies keep pouring in: a reader sent us this link to Paris Hilton's wish list, which at least had the virtue of reminding us that we need a request a DVD copy of one our all-time favorite porn movie classics for Christmas this year.
What Paris Wants (thanks Manuel)
"Behind the Green Door" (Talking Blue)

Now, no more Paris links untill we receive new photos or a copy of the next installment. We promise.

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