What Paris Thinks

November 19, 2003 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


Paris is "burning with shame". Paris "doesn't care if (the sex tape) gets played on national TV". Has she been drinking? Discuss.
"Embarassed and Humiliated" (NY Daily News)
"What Paris Thinks Of Her Sex Tape!" (Star)
Paris Hilton: Drunk Collection (Drunk Celebs)

Meanwhile, the New York Observer gives the PHST a critical look and finds its leading lady compares favorably with the stars of "My Sister Seka" and "Weapons of Ass Destruction".
The Paris Review (NY Observer, via Gawker)

And still meanwhile, we're sure this URL (which contains a few still-functioning links to PHST download sites) is a cruel, cruel joke. But we still think it's funny.
Paris Hilton (LizzieGrubman.com)

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