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November 13, 2003 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


Meanwhile, in the interest of "free speech, education, and elevating the standards of amateur pornography", Dan Michalski has posted a transcript of the first tape, in case you can't quite follow the action via whatever crappy .wmv file you've managed to locate. We predict that "Yo honey's shot!" is going to become the holiday season's hottest national catchphrase, while samples from the tape's soundtrack are used in Junior Vazquez remixes of the latest Britney Spears single and sweep dancefloors from New York to Tokyo.

(Based on the ambient dialogue, can anyone figure out what movie was playing in the background? We think it'd be great to have a copy playing at the Fleshbot launch party this weekend. Let us know.)

PHST: Transcript (The Scrolldown)

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