Paris via BitTorrent

November 11, 2003 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


If you're still trying to get your hands on that celebrity sex tape that everyone else seems to have seen already, you might want to try snagging it through BitTorrent, a method of decentralized file sharing in which large files are "seeded" and circulated around a network in smaller pieces. You'll also need a program like Shareaza to use the .torrent files (which you can look for on sites like HeadHunters) once you find them. Confused? Check out the helpful guide below and you won't be.

You now have all the info you need to find whatever celebrity sex tape you're looking for, whether or not easier channels are still accessible. You're welcome.

BitTorrent: FAQ and Guide (thanks, Frederick)
HeadHunters Tracker

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