Sex Blog Roundup: Getting Lucky

June 13, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by jonnobot

Sex Blog Roundup: Getting LuckyLet's not let silly superstitions make us think that good things can't happen on the most inauspicious of days. Instead, let's hope for the best—maybe, like the bloggers in today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene this week, we'll even find ourselves getting more lucky than we ever could have imagined. Follow along as they practice their signature moves, warming up dates with kisses, champagne and, (dude!) some killer bud. Sure, you might risk waking up next to the drunk whose name you never got ... but with a little luck, you may even end up scoring with someone you actually like.

Grab that rabbit's foot and join Jefferson after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup

by Jefferson

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"I like sex with you," he whispered as my screams faded from his bedroom.

I repeated it back to him as I leaned panting on the crumpled comforters. His fingertips dug into my hips as he started pulling me back into him again. I threw my hair back and turned to catch him out of the corner of my eye. His body moved in rhythmic thrusts, pumping into me.

- My Sexual Misadventures

- - -

I Have Fallen In Love With A Bisexual Boy

We had the guesthouse to ourselves. I made us both a drink and we sat together on a big ugly couch to watch "Gone in 60 Seconds." At first we sat on separate sides. Then I pulled my Cyrus (trademarked) move and lay across the couch so my head was in his lap.

Then I pulled another Cyrus move (patent pending) and told him to face away from me so I could massage him. I rubbed the bisexual knots out of his back and swirled my hands over his sexually confused shoulder blades. He turned me around and massaged me after I was done.

- Collegehookerboy's Hot and Disturbing Weblog

- - -

Molly's Diary: Unyielding

The feeling of a hand, reaching into my throat, and tugging at my guts with the undeniability of a runaway tractor-trailer barreling down a long, straight grade or a jackhammer cutting through steaming pavement right outside my window

Is it possible to want so deeply, to need so much? Is it survivable, this degree of longing?

- Molly's Mirror

- - -

Random Encounters and Meaningless Adventures

About a week back Jonna made it fairly clear that she wants me to fuck her. I've been sort of avoiding her since I have such mixed feelings. I have no passion for her. If she wasn't such an obedient slut, I would just ignore her. On Sunday I was really horny, so I invited her over.

- Lust, Sex and Sodomy

- - -

Three Days, Three Guys, Part Two

I brought a bottle of champagne and some killer bud as a present, but I had another present in mind.

After much TV watching and catching up on the latest drunken stories, I couldn't take it anymore. I sat closer to him, and started touching his knee. After many conversational hints and no response, I finally said, "You know, you're the hardest person to flirt with because I never know how you're going to react to things."

He immediately went into apology mode, and was like, "Dude, when I'm stoned I don't pick up on anything."

- A Sexual Adventure

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