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Sex Blog Roundup: The Future's So Bright ...Graduation gowns, tossed mortarboards, and puking your guts out at your very last keg party are on the agenda for many this month. But when sitting through yet another speech about the endless possibilities the future has in store, our thoughts tend to wander—as do those of some of our favorite sex bloggers, who spend their time thinking about post-graduate sex. In today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene, we'll take a class on how to conduct a fast-paced date night, write a dissertation on cunnilingus techniques, and then some advanced study of cuckholding sex. It's a complete education in a handful of blog posts ... and you won't even have to take out a high-interest loan to pay for it all!

Continue your education with AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup

by AlwaysArousedGirl

- - -

Date Night

She was damp. I was hard. As I fell onto the bed she was quickly over me. I grabbed her tight and she slid down my cock hard. I groaned loudly in pleasure at the feeling of her. With a little adjustment, it was as if she was sucking my cock with her greedy pink pussy.

She twisted and turned her cavern around my hard cock, then lifted and dragged up and down on the head. I gripped her harder and consciously took in my breath slowly, making it last.

- UnfetteredCravings

- - -

The Three Amigos (working title)

I laid back on the towel, spread my legs, raised my knees and lazily petted my pussy. My window was open slightly and I could hear and smell the rain, the breeze lifting and raising my sheer, white curtains. It was all lovely and calm, but the whole foreplay aspect of this thing had come and gone. I slipped three fingers in right away, testing the waters. I squirted some lube on the biggest (thickest) dong and slid it in as far as it would go, pumping it in and out, slowly and gently, feeling myself stretch out. But apparently not stretched out enough. I grabbed the smaller dildo, lubed it up and swung my legs over my head and aimed for my ass. I groaned louder than I had intended, fell over to my side and worked my orifices to the best of their capabilities (in the ass, out of the pussy, in the pussy, out of the ass). I was building up into a pleasant little frenzy with a speed and synchronized rhythm that would never happen with two human beings.

- Fuck: A Love Story

- - -


I pressed my lips to his as I eased my body between his legs. I felt his hands graze along my sides and my arms as I moved lower.

His erection greeted me. The long, brown shaft of skin stood firm up along his stomach. I took it in my hand in a full grip. His balls curled up the base of his penis, smaller and retreated. I put my mouth to his sack and licked slowly and gently. I could only find one round mass. It hunched in the center, lonely and missing his counterpart. I felt confused at the void.

- My Sexual Misadventures

- - -

balanced on the tip of my tongue

This conversation, inevitably, led to kissing, my mouth on her neck, clavicle, nipples, which was suddenly such a heightened sensation because we were both so aware of the idea of her clit in my mouth.

Pushing her into the bedroom, I stripped her bare swiftly, laid her out on the bed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her in the sweetest gesture of vulnerability and desire; it was one of the strongest moments of the weekend.

"I want to taste you," I murmured into the skin of her neck and cheek. "I want your clit in my mouth. I want to get you all wet, then fuck you, get my cock out and slide it in deep ..."

- Sugarbutch Chronicles

- - -

The Truth of the Matter

There's a type of guy who really truly gets off on fucking another man's wife. A guy who can look into a cuckold's eyes while he's fucking the man's wife and say with conviction, "This pussy is mine." And at that moment it really is.

- Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

- - -

When Light Goes Black

A long while later, after I was satisfied with my exploration and learning of everything between your legs, I came back up to you. You grabbed my face and pulled me into your mouth.

Your legs were wild and splayed out and kicking in the air. You gripped me by the neck and then I, by yours. As I began fucking you; pounding down onto your hot, wet mound, I squeezed harder. Your tiny neck in my hands was strong and called for more. And as I began to leverage down and onto you with all of my weight, I was squeezing and thrashing your neck, your head into the pillows - slamming you up and down in a violent, choreographed fit of eroticism realized and desire exploding.

- The Provocateur

* * * * *

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