Erica Campbell: From Nude Model To Model Christian

2008_05_15_erica.jpgPulling together our thrice-weekly Best of Babelogs feature will be slightly more difficult (and much less fun) since word came over the wire that busty glamour model Erica Campbell is putting her faith in the Lord and getting out of the nude modeling business. For the last couple of years, she's been one of the most familiar and ubiquitous faces on the babelog circuit, with shoots for Playboy, Penthouse, and other top online photo houses like and Digital Desires under her belt. Unfortunately, as she explains on what used to be her membership website, she felt "lost" and "lonely" and "broken". But she's now filled that void inside her with Jesus Christ! From now on she will devote her days to rescuing animals--and rescuing other girls that she believes are trapped in the web of porn.

Of course, we would never criticize anyone for choosing to do whatever will make them happy, even if we tend to have a few issues with the whole skin-star-finding-religion thing. But we will say that we're sorry to see her go: Erica was one of our favorites, combining supervixen sexiness with cute girl-next-door looks, and she will be missed. On the other hand, since pictures of fellow former glamour model Crissy Moran are almost as popular now as they were two years ago when she found God and dropped out of the business, we're guessing that we'll still be running into Erica for a little while longer. Here's another look back at the works she left behind.

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