Erica Campbell: From Nude Model To Model Christian

2008_05_15_erica.jpgPulling together our thrice-weekly Best of Babelogs feature will be slightly more difficult (and much less fun) since word came over the wire that busty glamour model Erica Campbell is putting her faith in the Lord and getting out of the nude modeling business. For the last couple of years, she’s been one of the most familiar and ubiquitous faces on the babelog circuit, with shoots for Playboy, Penthouse, and other top online photo houses like and Digital Desires under her belt. Unfortunately, as she explains on what used to be her membership website, she felt “lost” and “lonely” and “broken”. But she’s now filled that void inside her with Jesus Christ! From now on she will devote her days to rescuing animals–and rescuing other girls that she believes are trapped in the web of porn.

Of course, we would never criticize anyone for choosing to do whatever will make them happy, even if we tend to have a few issues with the whole skin-star-finding-religion thing. But we will say that we’re sorry to see her go: Erica was one of our favorites, combining supervixen sexiness with cute girl-next-door looks, and she will be missed. On the other hand, since pictures of fellow former glamour model Crissy Moran are almost as popular now as they were two years ago when she found God and dropped out of the business, we’re guessing that we’ll still be running into Erica for a little while longer. Here’s another look back at the works she left behind.

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· “The Only Way Out” (
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  • Brian47

    I’d love to blame Jesus for this, but I have to think he was a fan of nude women as much as the rest of us guys… smacking his forehead, saying “It’s fine to believe in me and also get publicly naked!”

  • Anonymous

    What a waste. She may have eventually made it to hardcore.

  • dirtybacon


  • dirtybacon

    @dirtybacon: *wipes tears from eyes* she’s with the lord now…

    I will celebrate this month – the magical Masturbation month – in her honor, and all of those who have laid down their (porn) lives for the lord.

  • Rock-e-Horror

    thi is quite possibly the saddest news i’ve heard in a while :( she was one of my favourite non-tattooed nudie girls :)

  • thelushie

    If she is happy, then I am happy for her. They say this is also what happened to Bettie Page.

  • thelushie

    Why do you take issue with skin stars finding religion and leaving the business (besides the obvious)? I think that whatever makes a person happy is what they should do. I take issue with those who are in this business and are “lost” and “lonely” and “broken” because they are not happy.

  • Jonnobot

    @thelushie: While we’re happy as long as Erica’s happy, our issues have to do with people who find religion and then start blaming the adult industry for whatever problems they were having. It’s one thing to decide you need to change your life; it’s another to turn around and start telling people that they’re living in “darkness” and “sin” for continuing to enjoy or participate in something you no longer want to be a part of.

    We agree with you though that people who find themselves feeling lost, lonely, or broken in the business need to get out of it as soon as possible (and whether or not they find religion) — but then that’s true of any job.

  • Nefilim

    She brought joy to our lives for whatever short period of time, the girl deserve to be happy herself too.

    Erica you will be sorely missed (all puns and innuendo intended)

  • Anonymous

    There’s one really big problem with what she’s doing: if there really was a non-material component to the universe, it’s difficult to imagine something that would better for you spiritually than to have other people achieve orgasm while thinking about you.

    Since Erica Campbell easily inspires thousands of orgasms per day, the fact that she remains unhappy and “empty” would tend to suggest that there is no prana, chi or other transcendental spiritual energy in this universe.

  • Waelwulf

    @Fleshbot: That is an excellent point.

    This is a sad day indeed: she was one of the very few non-alt girls I really enjoyed.

  • MrD666

    Personal Note to Erica: Please stay away from Gianna. Thank you.

  • heterophobic

    What a tragedy…

  • LindsayJoy’s MBP is into S+M

    Her tits and her ass are amazing. This is one gal that should keep banging the “The father, the son, and the Holy Ghost”.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Jesus doesn’t pay the bills.

  • Come a little Miroslav Klose You’re My Kind of Man

    @no_one_can: Possibly. But I think the departure from glamour photography &/or erotica &/or porn owes as much to disillusion that her body was not properly appreciated on its own, without any hardcore accoutrements & affectatsions, as to her recent return to the flock. To wit: had her centerfold appearance been in Playboy, where she started (as a “sexy girl next door”), instead of Penthouse, the conversion might not have happened. (& in E.C. having to look to PH for centerfold duty, we should note: it’s always steepest to try to become a Playboy Miss [insert month] from starting out in Special Editions. On the rare occasion when I see it, it’s usually a College Girls debut (though sometimes, as with this month’s Juliette Frette, with additional titles not College Girls in between) that vaults to the monthly Playboy.)

    Anyway, Godspeed, Ms Campbell. Your naughty bits will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    Bettie Page also seems to suffer with some form of mental illness. I’m not saying that finding Jesus means you’ve lost your marbles but….maybe she was just doing what the little voices in her head told her to do.