Sex Blog Roundup: Thrills! Chills! Spills!

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mikaylateacher04.jpgA husband picks up a sexy new lube. A girlfriend suggests dinner and a movie. A woman turns out the lights and goes to bed alone. None expected . . . the unexpected! Fortunately, this week's roundup of the best in sex blogging finds our writers on their toes, even when flat on their backs. Thrill as a couple tamps down a fiery pussy. Chill as lesbians venture into a gay cruising park. Spill as an average girl discovers that on the right night, with the right person, she is not so average at all.

You never know what you'll get with Jefferson after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Jefferson

- - -

Midnight Mischief, Part Two

The door closed with a quiet click and I heard the floorboards creak as someone made their way across the room towards my bed. My body tensed with a mixture of fear and excitement. A squeak of bedsprings and a slight movement was enough to tell me that there was someone sitting at the bottom of my bed. For a moment nothing happened I began to think I was perhaps imagining things but just as I began to relax, I felt the sheets being lifted from my legs and a hand on the smooth skin of my inner thigh.

- Racy Redhead

- - -

Work In Progress

I sit on the table, and let my skirt rest above my mid-calf boots in their black, high-heeled splendor, dangle just above the ground.

She uses her hips to push my thighs apart. This table is the perfect height; I can feel her cock grazing the black lace panties that I wore tonight, being optimistic that she wouldn't object to sex on the first date.

- Fat Girl Femme

- - -

It's Hot!

Last night Hank and I decided to try out the new KY brand Yours & Mine lube. I slinked into bed and dripped some onto my fingers, reaching down and sliding the lube around my clit and lips and just outside my already-wet hole, leaned back, and waited while Hank freshened up.

Soon I felt a delicious warm sensation, starting where I put the lube first, and spreading - how intriguing!

- Sex In Texas

- - -

A Wretch Like Me

It felt so good when he initially began to twist skin between his fingers, a determined clockwise rotation of hardening nipples that had me arching my spine and shivering convulsively. Later i noticed him pressing with extended thumbs so to invert the fleshy knobs back into the meat of my breast, pushing back against my breastbone, kneading firm milky tissue with serious intent.

- Bittersweet Me

- - -

Friday Night (In) Lights: A Memory

He followed my upstairs, vodka on his breath, hands on the small of my back, my legs, my ass. We stumbled together into his apartment drunk on one another, and his rough, large hand traveled up my thigh and under my skirt, search for that inviting wetness. He kissed me deeply, finding it.

- Between My Sheets

- - -


I knew that something inside me had snapped when I heard my own voice: the desperate begging in that little girl voice and the gasping, hyperventilating sobs. I wasn't there consciously. He brought me to that place and I fell backwards in time until I was at my most vulnerable place, somewhere completely exposed and defenseless.

- His Kitten

* * * * *

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