The Facial Money Shot: Yes or No?

2008_05_05_cum.jpgThe facial cumshot is pretty much standard operating procedure in any porn movie, but what about in your real life? After all, you probably don’t have a hired towel boy on standby and do you really want to wash those curtains again? Or … maybe you just don’t think that having a hot load of jizz splattered on your face is all that sexy. It’s never quite the same as it is in the movies, but that doesn’t mean that folks don’t eat it up … so to speak. Well, sex writing superduo Em and Lo wanted to find out the truth, so they asked people on the street to offer their opinion on the ultimate in your face moment. Watch the video and then tell us what you think. And because we suspect our female readers–we do have those right?–might poll slightly differently than the dudes, we’re breaking the answers down along gender lines. So what’s it gonna be? Spread the love or keep it to yourself?

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  • Anonymous

    While I do not appreciate it in porn, I enjoy doing so to an extent in real life.

    A couple of the women I am active with enjoy it as well. I prefer “internal cumshots” myself, both in real life and in porn.

    The “cum swallowing” videos do not entertain me at all.

  • hebear mcghee

    I voted “I’m a boy so obviously I love it”, but it isn’t that cut and dry. IRL, it happens so infrequently for me that its something of a treat. However when watching porn I don’t really dig it. I’m far more appreciative of a good load on the ass or stomach. Creampies are nice too, as long as there is devouring of said cream-especially by the giver-but maybe I just look for any reason to eat pussy.

  • Snowbunny

    @superdude4agze: What about the “cum swapping” videos? I just think that’s stupid.

    And you have at least one female reader, fleshbot, and I am so not about that. That would be the last time that person came in my presence.

    Although, Slut Machine did say that was how I could get guys to marry me, so I might need to re-evaluate my choices.

  • Lux Alptraum

    @hebear mcghee (is a wolf in wolf’s clothing): I’m a girl, and I kinda like it, but in porn it just looks weird.

    As the recipient of a facial, I don’t have to look at it!

  • Anonymous

    I think I like seeing them in porn more than actually doing them. I like the thought and visual of it more than the actuality.

  • CloudCarrier

    As a ritual in porn, it’s probably what so many guys (myself included) had their libidos short-fused with for the very first time, aside from just seeing people have sex on film. The Pavlovian effect it had on me was long-standing and hard to shake off, but thankfully I was lucky enough to find a few partners who favored it (and it’s obviously bad form to not ask first). But like most in-the-heat-of-the-moment bedroom acts, some liberties just have to be taken (the occasional ATM be damned).

    In the unfortunate instances that I have misjudged myself in the grips of orgiastic canoodling, improvisation was key, and the only way not to get a swift fist to the nuts. Looking back, I probably should have eaten more pineapple beforehand, lest both my and my partner’s face (and my lips) be spared that acid jazz.

    Humility works both ways, and I have the mental scars to prove it (okay, okay – I really enjoyed it).

  • Anonymous

    @hebear mcghee (is a wolf in wolf’s clothing): holy shit, come talk to my husband! he’s yet to get into the pussy eating! and the creampie eating is soooo hot. it’s half the reason I enjoy cuckold porn.

    I digress…As a 25 year old woman, I’ll occasionally dabble in the cum-on-my-face action. My husband likes it sometimes. Sadly, however, he really only gets a to-the-finish blowjob during “that time.” And that’s really the only opportunity he has to come on my face. I mostly like it when I’m in a sub mood. Other than that, it’s much naughtier to have him cum in me and then lick it off my fingers. Meow! i AM a ho.

  • trekkie

    i’m a guy, and don’t do it. Tried it once, maybe 15 years ago. have no desire to do it again. one of those things I don’t get about porn either, no idea why they continue to do it.

    I’m with the guy on the video, I like to kiss there, and I don’t really want to kiss my own goo.

  • Anonymous

    pro facial in porn and in real life, but as noted, it is not as common with my wife and I. If anything, it’s a up the back or across the boobs.

    Not a fan of cream pies at all, though.

    @CloudCarrier: Definite Pavlovian effect on guys. I agree 100%. We see it from the first porn we sneak and watch, and it becomes ingrained. Your mind connects the image to the physical sensation of having an orgasm, and your body wants you to follow through.

    Strangely enough, through junior high and high school, I had a Pavlovian reaction to the sound of a shower running. My body was pretty much trained to know that masterbation was on the way, and to get ready… thank god I took summer school gym, and we didn’t have to take showers there. THAT could have got embarassing.

  • killmyunicorn

    I do not find getting cum on my face degrading at all…that’s a pretty ridiculous way to view it. That by not getting facials you’re making a feminist statement…
    Personally I have a problem that everyone wants to cum in my tits. I have to remind people to cum on my face every once in awhile.

  • Anonymous

    Money shots are entertaining to watch but are for show, not practicality. I think there ought to be more on stomachs and tits.

  • naughtyduncan

    I love it in porn and I love giving ‘em. In fact I’d say it’s my weakness. Dig facials, on breasts, on butts, on stomachs, and cream pies. Swallowing is fine, drooling it out is better. I probably wouldn’t go so far as bukkake or a lot of cum swapping (saw one movie where two girls did it over and over and over. That was unappealing, but a little kiss afterwards doesn’t hurt). I just love money shots!

    That said, I keep myself grounded and recognize that it’s not exactly my wife’s favorite act so I try not to press it too much in the bedroom. For her part, she knows I love it so she tries to be accommodating, especially when we’re being a little dirtier than usual.

  • Anonymous

    @killmyunicorn: God bless you.

  • hebear mcghee

    @The HZA: I hear ya. I’ve been on the receiving end of a few accidental self-administered facials, and jizz + eyeballs = no fun. Though its been much worse getting it in my beard, but I doubt you really have that issue ;)

  • Anonymous

    I’m a boy and yes I like doing it. In porn it is a bit of sad clique it would be nice to see something different. My girl sounds a bit like tropical paradise. She does it ’cause I like it. She’ll only admit to liking it when she’s making fun of the silly face I pull.

  • thelushie

    I am a straight female and I prefer the guy cum inside me. But I am fine with a facial or on my tits, as long as I know it is coming. Don’t surprise me. A little clearance first will probably get you a second shot.

  • TropicalParadise

    I’m a straight female, and while it’s not something that really turns me on, I’d be willing to do it for a guy.

    So I couldn’t really vote on your poll.

    I don’t think it’s an issue, I just don’t find it attractive. If the guy did, I would do it to please him!

  • Anonymous

    @Snowbunny: No, I am not much for the cum swapping videos.

    However during a threesome once the girls decided to share my cum in an intimate kiss that I enjoyed watching. Like most men I’m sure I do like it when my girl swallows, but in porn it just doesn’t suit it well. I like porn that “flows” and stopping to do a close up of the girl having cum in her mouth, then swallowing it, doesn’t flow well.

    But the spit it back and forth action in porn tends not to entertain me.

  • Anonymous

    Just please remember the contacts and all is good.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a bi girl who considers herself a feminist, and I enjoy facials. I also like my boyfriend to kiss me afterwards. Now that I’ve found a guy who’ll do that and isn’t grossed out, I think I’ve found a winner!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that I “love” or “hate” facials in porn . . . it’s just that it’s so standard. A scene can be going so hot for me, and then- bam!- down on her knees getting it in the face. Maybe if there was an even split between non-facial endings and facial endings, I’d be happier.

    Or maybe it’s the way virtually nobody looks hot waiting for it- mouths hanging open, blinking in anticipation of having to close their eyes when it finally comes, and then the whole mess of it . . . If it was a gal who truly seemed to love cum, and lapped it up around her mouth and rubbed it into her skin- maybe. Or if her guy licked it up off her face (hah, fat chance ever seeing that!). But otherwise, just nah.

    Now, female facial cumshots, however (girls ejaculating on their lovers’ faces) is PURE and UTTER hotness!

    Personally, I’d rather have the cumshot anywhere else on my body (breasts in particular are hot). I’m not adverse to doing it for a lover I’m very close to, but it just isn’t very hot for me.

  • Waelwulf

    I’m a boy and I think if the girl is turned on by it, I’ll do it. I think you have to consider the personality of the guy you’re banging. The men out there that view women as conquests I could see getting a definite kick out of coming on the girl’s face, as a symbol of his male dominance. But that doesn’t mean all guys out there who want to cum on a girl’s face are like that.

  • Anonymous

    Like most guys, I like it when my girl swallows. That said, the facial is kind of a special occasion thing right? Either way she insists that if she is willing to swallow or let me come on her face that I have to kiss her after. Turns her on so it works for me too. :)

  • Waelwulf

    Also, Lux, Violet, this is like the first time I’ve seen you participate in the comments section. I’ve asked questions to the staff before, I just eventually gave up. It gives Fleshbot more than just a faceless exterior.

  • CloudCarrier

    @RickBarrs: I was the same way with white musk, powdered donuts and VHS tapes. The day that effect wore off, I actually cried (coincidentally, the same day I bought my first dvd player, natch).

  • Atsumi

    I’m a girl, and I don’t mind it.

    You know, as long as there’s something nearby to wipe it off OR he’s willing to go shower with me.

  • Green Tea Party

    I’m a girl who loves a good facial. My boyfriend, sadly, is indifferent.

    Maybe I was “conditioned” by porn, too… it’s possible that I watched enough porn at a young enough age to get the impression that facials are pretty commonplace, and that liking them makes a girl more desirable.

  • Violet Blue

    girl opinion: I like to *receive* the facial, I like to *watch* the facial, I have only never *given* the facial… to me, there’s something undeniably hot about being that up close and personal, and being an active participant with my lover’s orgasm. opposite of conventional opinion, I think it can actually be really intimate. but then, you all know I like to watch. ahem.

  • Brian47

    I’m a boy who will come when & where the lady wants me to! I don’t have a need to cum on a woman’s face, not a big deal to me. If she likes then so much the better! I was with an escort last month who asked me to cum on her tits and I happily obliged – who am I to complain? :)

  • Tits McGee

    Any sex act can be viewed as degrading. All that matters is what the parties involved are feeling. Is it degrading when I grind my pussy all over my husband’s face? He doesn’t seem to think so.

    I happen to love sucking cock, and generally prefer to swallow, but have no problem whatsoever with loads landing wherever they may. My only issue with the prevalence of the money shot in porn is that the big finish is all his. More postcoital girlgasms, please!

  • The HZA.

    Cum on my tits. Iwear contacts, I am not getting spunk in my eye.

  • Come a little Miroslav Klose You’re My Kind of Man

    @CloudCarrier: Ejaculate Acid Face Wash will be the title of my novel. Thanks for that.

  • Ms Naughty

    No I don’t think it’s sexy, no I don’t like to watch it. My husband can’t see the point of them either.

    I’m also bored to death with them in mainstream porn, the way they’re ubiquitous and standardised. Expected. And so often it looks stupid to me, staged and unsexy.

    I look forward to the day when a porn scene ends with a female orgasm.

    I’ve written plenty about the topic of facials. I’m sure this Fleshbot post will inspire me to write more.

  • pdn

    @cand86: That’s the thing. The recipient always looks awkward. There’s been a few times where I’ve had to stifle a giggle because of the weird mix of enthusiasm and dread on the face of the guy I’m about to shoot up. The clenched eyes, but open gob?

    I’ll do it, if he’s into it, but it’s not erotic to me.

  • CloudCarrier

    @pdn: Sooner or later, it all leads to the gas face, and that’s why digital cameras are so popular with the kids these days.

    @josereyes.theroof : Terence Blanchard’s score for She Hate Me is so very proud of both of us right now.

  • Anonymous

    @hebear mcghee (is a wolf in wolf’s clothing): @PCBHo: whoa whoa whoa! i have never ever ever met a guy who would eat his own cum. the guy i am seeing now likes to rub his cum all over wherever he shoots it and that was a ground-breaking experience for me…but oh how i would love for him to lick it up!

  • Anonymous

    @saltie: me either! like I said before, I don’t know whether to shit or go blind when I finally get him to go down on me. something about “you take too long” is his usual excuse to not do it. silly me taking 15-20 minutes, eh? I must be so selfish wanting to have an orgasm while he’s in the room every now and then. but, of course, it’s not selfish of him when he gets to come every single time we have a sexual encounter. I’ve yet to mess around with a man who has said “let’s just get you off tonight” and I’m supposed to willingly give up a blow job and a cum load all over my freckled face (and lick it all off enthusiastically!) when I uncontrollably bleed for 4 days a month!

    sorry, I’m just an eensy bit sexually frustrated.

  • Anonymous

    i think facials are ace. i like watching them, i like receiving them, i like fantasizing about them. it’s regularly the last image in my head before i orgasm. of course there is some validity to that reading of them as invoking degradation and male dominance, but i think that analysis only goes so far and of course everyone’s going to experience them differently. i think it’s incredibly intimate and, like others have said, gives you another sense or two with which to experience your partner’s orgasm. i also just like the sensation of cum on my skin, no matter where you put it. i like the feeling of being a bit defiled, and i think the smile you get from a partner who has just messed you up a bit. hooray for facials!

  • Anonymous

    I’m female and while I do enjoy getting an occasional facial a whole lot depends on my partner and his attitude. If I get even a hint that he thinks I’m demeaning myself or that the act makes him superior in some way, I’m done. For good, with him. I do draw the line at men who have really strongly scented and flavored ejaculate, however. Next!

    On the other hand, as a female ejaculator I’ve experienced the other side of this. It’s not arousing for me, though. It’s actually slightly embarrassing. Not to mention messy. If it were only a shot glass full, no big deal. But four fluid ounces is a big deal. Drowning your partner is never, ever sexy.

    I’m not a fan of facials in porn because it’s just too over-done and the cum swapping stuff (or sucking it up, drooling it out, lather, rinse, repeat– forever) gags me– literally.

    Also, hell yeah to the cream pie! Even if I came with my partner, I’ll almost always come again. I mean, if he expects me to let him cum in my mouth, why shouldn’t he be willing to do this for me?

    Oh yeah, one more thing: ejaculate in the eye doesn’t hurt (at least not me) but it does make my vision blurry for several hours. Anyone else?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what the performers do as long as they seem to be enjoying themselves. And there isn’t a particular shot that does it for me, but rather level of reality in the experience as a whole; and by reality, I’m talking about mutual enjoyment. I don’t like ridiculous positions that noone in their right mind would ever do, nor do I like cum swapping, which noone likes to do, but does anyway because they agree to do it for the extra cash. In the end, the guy does have to ejaculate, but where he does it should be defined by the moment, not the direction of the moron with the camera who can’t kee his mouth shut during the course of the scenes.

  • Anonymous

    @PCBHo: I haven’t said the words but I have just got her off and (at another time!) kissed my gf after a facial. I don’t usually come from sex so it just tends to go that way.

    I’ve gone off facials cos I feel guilty about getting it in her eye and the clean-up isn’t sexy. It’s better coming on her body cos she like rubbing it in. Plus you get to the hugging part quicker and use less tissues!

    I don’t know if us both being bi has something to do with the above? I haven’t been into guys for as long but I think facials are hotter on a girl cos the cum isn’t ‘meant’ to be there. ‘Good’ girls shouldn’t and most guys hit their chin some time in their teens!

    I’m still into facial pics but not as many movies. I agree that lots of facials are unnecessary and staged but so is most porn, generally.