Sex Blog Roundup: Turning Points

April 25, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by jonnobot

2008_04_25_sbr_turning.jpgSome may regret the roads not taken, but not the folks in this weekend's roundup of some of the best writing from the sex blog scene: they look back on the turning points that set them in new directions and smile at the risks they took. Any place seems possible for new discoveries, even the parking lot of Taco Bell: that first blowjob was a challenge, never mind losing your girlginity on the way there. Another blowjob renews a marriage, and all it took was a little gagging. And you never forget your first bondage, or the change that comes from wearing just the right dress or porn shoes.

Take the one less traveled with Jefferson after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Jefferson

- - -

Then One Day, I Gagged On His Cock

I tried to have hope. It seemed to me that if G were to enter into my fantasies, maybe he could earn my sexual allegiance despite our physical incompatibility. So I told him stories. I asked him to act out roles. I invited him to spank me. My efforts fell flat: everything but vanilla sex seemed to make him ill-at-ease.

Then one day, I gagged on his cock.

- Birds Are Smart

- - -

"6": Of Love And Human Bondage

Andre was the first person to truly tie me up. It's one thing to be bound with fishnet stockings and pretend to go along for the ride. It's another to feel solid leather handcuffs around the wrists and hear the clasp of a metal carabineer fasten shut. There is no turning back.

- Beautiful and Depraved

- - -


Chris was instantly suspicious when I showed up at his office.

"Where are you going all dressed up?" he asked.

"No where. I just felt like wearing a dress," I replied.

"You look fantastic," Rachel gushed (she was there doing some tax-related stuff for Chris, a welcome surprise for me). "I love the whole look. Very Emma Peel."

"Thanks. Who?" I asked.

- Journey Into Submission

- - -

Following Instructions

I left home in jeans and heels, but stopped to change about thirty miles from meeting him. Was I blushing as went into the small town ladies room? I felt so very naughty as I slipped the black, lace-topped stockings up my legs.

My panties were tossed into the bag with my jeans as I slid into the skirt. I've gone without them before but this time felt so much more dirty. The cashier at the counter made eye-contact as I left. He looked me up and down and smiled. I swear he knew!

- Clearing My Head Again

- - -

My First Blowjob

One night I joined Matthew and Carrie at a party. Matthew told me he was going to get me high so we went back to Carrie's house. We smoked in the car and when we got to the house Matthew brought in 4 huge bottles of some cheap strawberry or peach wine. We sat on Carrie's bedroom floor in a circle and drank it all. Tipsy, we climbed up onto the bed and soon I was kissing Carrie's stomach. She was moaning and Matthew had his hand on the back of my head pulling my hair slightly. I love having my hair pulled. I slid Carrie's pajama pants down past her ass and buried my face into her furry cunt. I had never done this. I was panicking on the inside but outwardly I lapped at her pussy like I'd done it a million times before.

- Exposing The Cherry

- - -

Porn Shoes

I remember the first time I laid eyes on porn shoes. Stripper heels, platforms, spike heels, glass heels . . . call 'em what you like. I called them tranny shoes. The only person id ever seen wear them was Ru Paul so I thought they were some part of a tranny's wardrobe get up. I'd never seen them in porn flicks before. Probably due to the fact I had only watched dated porn. Porn shoes were yet to be invented.

- Diary of a Porn Star

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