Sex Blog Roundup: Spring Fever

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Sex Blog Roundup: Spring FeverBeautiful weather brings out the beast in all of us, but maybe especially in the bloggers in today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene. They've got their sap flowing in all sorts of wicked ways ... and when we say "sap," we don't mean the sticky stuff that flows through plants (but you probably already figured that out). Follow along as they throw open the windows with abandon, strip bare in the woods, and bring home playmates for crazy sex romps. There must be something in the air to make them race against a timer for their orgasms or serve as kinky maids. Is it that fecund smell of nature coming to life again after its long hibernation? Or maybe it's just pollen?

Get your own buds popping with AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup

by AlwaysArousedGirl

- - -

Back to Back Romps

So how does one thank the weather for getting you laid? How do I properly tell the wind that I owe it one. I'm not sure you can.

For whatever reason, other than deciding to be utterly random, one evening the wind really picked up. It was going like a steady 20mph with some really impressive gusts. I had the windows open to enjoy the breeze, plus between cooking dinner and baking afterwards, it had gotten warm inside.

We jumped underneath all the covers and quickly got naked. Pianti got under the covers and the next thing I know, I have her tongue running up the shaft of my cock. Totally unexpected, but completely welcomed. She goes on, sucking me off and licking my balls for a good while.

- Wanton Maleness

- - -

Into the Woods

Why is my heart beating so fast? When will I feel his damn cock inside me already? The air in the car feels oppressive. The stunning weather beckons us. "Let's walk," I say.

We see a road and decide to walk along that; it will be easier for me to walk along a road than tramp through the grass in four-inch stilettos. We come across an old abandoned barn, and I see Victor's eyes fill with possibilities. Sadly, the town has seen these very possibilities and padlocked all the entrances to prevent just such an occurrence. The sunlight wanes as we keep walking. On one side there is field and on the other woods. The river is somewhere to our right but we can't catch a glimpse through the dense foliage. He pulls me into a clearing, and I grab his arm tighter to keep from falling. He makes me lift my skirt for him, push my panties aside and display my swollen cunt.

"I'd love to fuck you on the ground right here, Tess, and send you home with leaves clinging to you, in your hair, on your clothes."

- Urban Gypsy

- - -

My Dominant Submissive

I said "That's it Marcello. Fuck her hard. She likes to be pounded. Don't hold back any. Fuck her nice and good."

He responded immediately. Pounding her pussy with hard and deep strokes. I could hear his balls slapping against her. SR was moaning louder. I knew she was getting too close so I got up on the bed behind him and slowed him down. I knew she was close to cumming and I didn't want that yet. I slowed him down and then had him stop. I then got behind him and pressed my cock up against his ass. I felt the head of my cock pop into him and heard him moan. With that I pushed all the way into him, putting most of my weight on top of him. I then started to push into him. He matched me and we fell into a rhythm of me fucking him and him fucking SR. I could tell he was getting the most stimulation of it. He was moaning hard. I asked him if he was going to cum and he said yes. I told him not to hold back. With that he started to thrust harder. I matched him and felt his ass tighten around my cock. And then felt the muscles in his ass tighten and loose as he came. His moans matched what I was feeling.

- Defending the Raven

- - -

Shades of Grey, Pools of Blue, Part 2

Kris shifts about, obviously enjoying this. "Deal. Fifty seconds left."

It's not going to take that long. Earlier in the day Imogen had refused to finish me off, suddenly stopping during a marvellous session. And when I took over myself, she stilled my hand, making some oblique comment to 'save it'. So in a sense, I've been laying in wait all day. The way Eva's blowing right now, it won't be that long before I spew.

To me, the seconds feel like hours. I almost feel like I have to put the brakes on, I'm approaching release so damned fast.

- Probitionate in Situ

- - -

Sore Ass

"OK Lover", said Rick, "Now show Steve how nice you can be."

I didn't need any encouragement. As with Rick, I put my lips on the huge head of Steve's cock and began to slowly lick it. Instantly, the huge cock began to respond and I put the mushroom head in my mouth and began to work it in earnest. I could tell by Steve's breathing that he was pleased with my work. At this point, Rick took one of my hands and placed it on his cock. I rubbed back and forth on it and then turned my mouth's attention to it while tightly gripping Steve's rod. In no time at all, Rick was fully hard. Both men were now fully erect and I was able to see the results of my now-expert cock sucking.

- Diary of a Gay Dad

- - -

Catalina Loves Kinky Tea Parties

I heard one of the women whispering to Mistress Catalina, and She replied "Oh yes, seems this one isn't as innocent as she appears, she likes to be kicked in the balls." my heart nearly stopped, i bared heard Her command to remove my panties. i'm not sure which guest it was, but suddenly i felt a stockinged foot caress my bare balls and cock and then kick swifty and firmly, but not too hard, i jumped and squealed. Mistress Catalina said that it wasn't becoming of a lady to squeal, so She put my panties in my mouth and told me to keep still and quiet like a good girl.

- Catalina Loves...

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