Sex Blog Roundup: Absolutely Soaking Wet

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Sex Blog Roundup: Absolutely Soaking WetIt's an April shower of soaked and sexy fun in today's round up of some of the best wet moments from the sex blog scene. This kind of rain may not bring May flowers, but it's fun anyway: the forecast calls for sprinkles of pee-play in the morning, drizzling pre-cum this afternoon, and then hours of non-stop pussy wetness to last throughout the night. And we can all look forward to wet kisses later in the week, with high humidity making everyone sweat as the weekend rolls around.

Come stand under AlwaysArousedGirl's umbrella after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup

by AlwaysArousedGirl

- - -

Golden Showers

Stroking my own breasts, I straddled John's face, placing my pussy just above his open, eager orifice. For several moments I was too aroused to pee; he cajoled with filthy encouragement. At last, trickles of urine leaked out of my swollen pussy and into his rapidly swallowing mouth.

"I'm going to teach you to do that with a cock in your pussy and a cock in your ass," he said when I was done.

- Sexegesis

- - -

Just Like a Prayer...

I lean over and lick it off the head and then off his fingers, sucking them into my mouth, one by one, slowly. It's so much fun to watch his cock bob with a mind of it's own, trying to get into my mouth instead of his fingers. He MAY be pushing it a little, but pretty much it moves of its own accord.

Then I slide up and kiss his mouth, tasting myself on his lips, and on his face. As I grab his hair again, I lick the side of his mouth, through his rough 3 day beard and he moans.

- Ambient Storm's Provocative Persiflage

- - -

My First Fuckbuddy

I visited him once when he got sick. He was bed ridden and I'd baked him cookies. I went ostensibly just to chat and see how he was. I was dating someone else. Happily involved with that other someone. But his pull was too strong. I was straddling him in nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of panties before I even knew what happened. His hands underneath my shirt and his mouth covering mine. I remember dragging my mouth away from his and trying to protest. Saying that we shouldn't be doing what we were doing. Because of my boyfriend. Then deciding that what the boyfriend didn't know wouldn't hurt him and losing myself in his kisses once more.

- Arousal of the Minx

- - -


I was in my tub, surrounded by hot water, green tea scented bubbles, and steam. I relaxed into the water, and let my hands caress my nipples, circling, tweaking a little. One hand moved down my body, trailing along the soft flesh of my belly, and finally began to circle my already sensitive clit, as I began to think of you.

As happens so often these days, I imagined what it's going to be like when we meet for the first time. This time, my fantasy begins in the elevator to your hotel room. We're already in each other's arms, and the weight of you presses me into the back wall, as we inch slowly upward to one of the upper floors.

- Indiscretion

- - -

More Than Lust

I kissed her clean mound and then lip-bit her thighs before I circled her clit with my fevered tongue. The young one went down to her nipples, sucking and nibbling away as though this wasn't her first time to feel this kind of hunger. Her pulsing breath resonated with this devouring.

After several long and wet seconds sucking on her and I reached up for the young ass that was writing next to the instigator's open legs. When I reached up and into her wetness, I expected to find the blue fabric. Instead, my fingers melted into her fire. She was already slick and without much effort my fingers slipped inside of her.

- The Provocateur

- - -


I bade her a farewell and went to the bathroom to readjust my looks and adopt a disposition which didn't suggest I'd just had an orgasm talking to a very, very bad girl currently 2000 miles away.

I had a huge grin on my face, but for some reason I looked curiously unflushed - a little pink underneath the eyes, maybe - but no redness of the cheeks. There was evidence of sweat, however; my hair, which I hadn't washed for a day or so, was no longer scraggly and hanging down á la Severus Snape; it was stuck to my head. A brush through and I had a neat hairstyle once more - thanks to sweat. Natural hair gel, or what?

- Innocent Loverboy

* * * * *

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