Sex Blog Roundup: Savoring The Moments

April 8, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by jonnobot

2008_04_08_sbr_savor.jpgFast can be fabulous, but the bloggers in today's roundup of some our favorite moments from the sex blog scene know that slower can be even better. Why race straight to dessert when you can linger over soup, fish, meat and ... uh, oral sex? These sex-hungry gourmands spend extra time working up their appetites by stripping, toy play and even climbing stairs. Aerobic exercise as foreplay? Why not? It's a great way of working up an appetite for what's to come. And as for those people who just can't wait ... well, they won't be asked back for a second helping.

Have an aperitif with AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by AlwaysArousedGirl

- - -

Tip Toe

He circled me, slinking slowly like a predatory cat, eyes flashing before each strike. I used the pivot point at my feet to turn around, fighting to constantly face him as I worked to slowly turn. It was hard, and a lot of fun, and I remember that my laughter was punctuated with moans and oofs as his blows landed carefully on my body.

He came in close, hands finding the tattered silky remains of my dress and tearing them aside till only a few tattered lengths that were once my skirt dangled loosely down my legs. He tilted me forward and collected my right leg, tying a cuff to my ankle and hoisting it overhead as well, so that I was now only in contact with the ground on one set of tip toes. It was much harder to stay stable, but I discovered that I could spin faster if I tucked in my tied leg and slower if I stretched it out. It was vaguely reminiscent of spinning on a tire swing as a kid. Gleeful.

- Red Sneaker Diaries

- - -

Play it Again, Mister

We do the delicate, delicious "I want you" dance up to his bedroom--he grabs me on the stairs, pulls me to him tightly and rubs my bottom through my dress. We release and scamper to the bed. He tugs at the hem of my dress like an insistent child--pulling it down and pushing it up again to reveal peeks of my panties. I feel intoxicated by his scent--so familiar, so desired. He pulls off my socks first, then tugs my dress off over my head. I am exposed to him, and he drinks in my body.

"You're so beautiful."

- The Seduction of Infidelity

- - -

Meet Sandra at the Hotel

I unbutton one more button. Her bra hooks on the front and I undo it. But I don't pull it off her breasts. I want to still leave them covered. I again squeeze her, over her blouse and bra. I run my tongue starting from between her breasts, all the way up to her neck. And slowly back down again. Her skin is so smooth. And I unbutton the next button, and from there, make the same trail up with my tongue and lips. And back down to the next button, opening her blouse just enough so I can keep making this path. My tongue slowly traveling all the way up to her neck, where I stop and kiss. And then slowly down to the next button. Until I've unbuttoned the last one.

- Ashley and Me

- - -

Play with Me

He put his hand on my thigh and slipped in a little closer for a better view. I was getting off watching me play with myself and watching him watching me. He started rubbing his hand up and down on as my hips were moving to meet the head of the dildo.

His hand moved toward my pussy and he slipped two of his fingers inside of me. He wasn't slow and gentle, he was banging me hard. I was pushing toward him, longing to be filled. That is what started this whole endeavor.

- Naughty Endeavors

- - -

She wiggled her shoulders so her dress straps could fall down her arms. I reached over and slid her dress down to her waist, andI began kissing and sucking on her tits, while she was running her fingers through my hair and talking dirty to me. She was whispering to me how much she wanted to fuck me, and me, her; she said, "I wanna suck your cock now!"

I sat back on the couch while she leaned forward over the ottoman and took me in her mouth. She wasted no time and went straight to deep throating, and reaching under my balls to rub my ass with her finger. I happened to look up and see a couple in front of us, two hot guys, just playing with each other and starring at us. The other people, about 5-6 were just standing and watching. I felt her finger enter my ass. I swallowed and took a deep breathe - I was breathing so heavy, and I was trying my best to control myself, but I told her I couldn't hold back.

Sexual Eccentricity

- - -

Day Two

i got a little more touchy as we continued. he asked me if he could have a kiss. i thought it was cute so i leaned in to give him a kiss. he was a great kisser. men, in my opinion, are too quick on the tongue and use too much of it. he has nice soft lips and just the right amount of tongue for my liking. we were both getting into the kiss. i could feel myself getting excited, i know he was because my hand could feel is cock getting hard.

- Love in the Capitol

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