Sex Blog Roundup: Secrets And Thighs

March 28, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by jonnobot

2008_03_28_sbr_secrets.jpgAre you the type who just can't keep a secret? We certainly hope not, because now and then it's nice to be surprised. In today's look at some of our favorite writing from the sex blog scene this week we find that sometimes a secret or two can be as fun as a stripper in a cake. One husband brings his girlfriend home to dinner, while another arranges for his wife's boyfriend to meet them at a bar. A wife can have her own secrets, of course -- just ask about the six or seven lovers she's got on the side. But a note to aggrieved spouses: if a secret proves unwelcome, don't blame the strippers for dancing.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Jefferson

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Her Dirty Little Secrets

Last autumn, completely on a lark, I posted on Craig's List. I wrote seeking to exchange body massage and possible oral with a laid-back partner whose schedule was as crazy as my own. I wasn't really expecting a response. A long while later, I got a response from Stacy. We arranged to meet over coffee.

We never got to the coffee.

- The Urban Rogue

- - -

Why, My Love?

The scent of a naked man who wants to fuck you until you cry is intoxicating. It rises from his skin like mist. I want him to hurt me. I want him to invade me. I need him to fill that empty, warm, wet space that is begging for him.

- Forever Mistress

- - -

Office Romance: The Start

The evening continued and both Susie and Dan had a few drinks. At one point I challenged Susie to remove her panties in the bathroom and bring them back to us as proof that she was having a "good time" so she took the challenge and marched back with no shame with her black sheer panties and slammed them down on the table and slammed back the shooter someone had bought her and took a slug of the beer she was now drinking! At some point we settled into a table / booth sort of thing, which was not entirely a booth, but it had that feel to it. I was talking to some other friendly people towards the end of the night, and I noticed that Susie and Dan were close in the booth next to each other. I couldn't tell for sure but it looked like Dan had his hand on her upper thigh... but I wasn't sure about that until later.

- Hot Wife Blog

- - -

Game of Seduction

She slides her hands up his legs, cupping the heat of him through his pants, leaning close to inhale his scent. She licks a wet trail up the stiff fabric, using her mouth to pull the zipper down, groaning deep in her throat as his erection bursts free. He is hers, this is exactly where she wanted him, and she fully intends to enjoy herself. Unable to wait another minute, she takes him deep into her mouth, pushing herself onto him, gagging slightly on his length. Long strokes of her tongue, combined with firm suction of her mouth, her lips and cheeks glistening as she enjoys his cock, tasting it, savoring it.

- Thursday's Child Has Far To Go . . .

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Would You Like Guilt With That Dance?

"My husband was a really really really good client here," she tells me. "So, I just came to see what he was so fascinated with. You know, what happened here. What's your name? Maybe he got dances from you."

"Oh, no, not me. I've only been here for a few days." I give her my name.

"No, not you. Some girl name Summer kept calling my house, asking for him. Can you believe that?"

I give a sympathetic smile.

- The Panther In Pumps

- - -

A Friend For Dinner

I moaned, and he pulled my top over my head, flinging it to the floor.

"Take off your shirt." He commanded.

"But you just..."

He put a hand to me mouth and pinched my nipple, hard. "Take off your shirt," he said again, and I saw Toni remove her blouse from across the room.

- Between My Sheets

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