Sex Blog Roundup: Full Court Press

March 25, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by jonnobot

2008_03_25_sbr_bball.jpgOur more athletically inclined pals tell us that something called "March Madness" is currently afoot. We're not quite sure what that involves, but judging by the activities of the bloggers featured in today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene, it seems to be a sort of feverish fuck fest that hits on a mass scale around this time of year. From what we can gather, events include competitive nipple licking, timed collaring and chaining, and discreet elevator making out; one event even requires the use of a knitting needle. Let's just hope no one gets disqualified for playing too rough.

Grab your pom-poms and watch from the bleachers with AlwaysArousedGirl after the cut.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by AlwaysArousedGirl

- - -

Never Say Never: Part 1

Still staring intently, I watch as he deliberately slipped his fingers into her. My hands came up to play with her nipples, and when she arched up, I bit her shoulder, savoring her helplessness. She started to moan, small whimpers escaping her lips and I held her still by her hair and moved back and forth over her nipples with my mouth, tracing their hard peaks with my tongue.

- Natt Nightly

- - -

Feeling the Changes and Chains

Once the chain was attached to my collar, he pulled it around a bit. I could feel it's weight and it just made me feel calmed. He ordered me to suck his cock, my chain in his hand as he pulled me in and I began sucking him off.
He wanted to fuck his cunt. I found myself lying on the sofa, legs spread, my chain falling off the edge and attached to the couch, as he pounded into me and came deep inside.

- At Longing's End

- - -

The Elevator

You gyrate your hips a bit as my hands run up your back to your neck, massaging it gently, then my hand moves down the front of your sundress. My fingers find your nipples through the dress and touch them through the fabric, hands occasionally pausing and cupping both of your breasts, then releasing and going back to your nipples. You are breathing audibly now as I lowered myself to my knees, hands leaving your breasts and hooking into your panties, pulling them down to your ankles. Then I help you step out of them.

- Sex in Texas

- - -

Crochet Sex

I'm lost in a deep kiss with Adonis, my tongue exploring the mouth I've missed so much, when I feel a cold narrow needle sliding across my hip - she's teasing me with the back of the crochet hook. I wriggle at the ticklish feeling, and call Adonis mean when he encourages her. That gets me tickled more ...

Later, while I'm sprawled half-way off the bed and languidly licking my way around his cock and balls and perineum (and watching her watching me and him), she leans over and kisses him gently, letting herself be pulled into a deeper, longer, erotic-husband-and-wife kiss. I lift my head and smile at the smouldering look he gives her as she slowly disengages and returns to her crocheting.

At another point, she lightly slides her nails around his back in a circling motion. It leaves him shuddering and hard, grasping my shoulders and holding me tight to him.

- Curvaceous Dee

- - -

At His Hands

Slick oil shined all over me, his hands running over my hard nipples, the soft of my belly and waist, around the tops of my thighs. He peeled away my thong and poured oil over my bare pussy, caressing the warmth into the soft lips of my sex. They were already wet, ready for him. He opened me slowly, his tongue flickering over my clit, my legs spreading with every thrust forward. His fingers exploring my flesh, coaxing more wetness. He suckled greedily at my cunt, and I came hard, my hands pulling on the restraints. I was left gasping, limp and bound.

- Naughty Secretary

- - -

My New Collar

Quickly we figured out that the best position was me on top, straddling him. He sat on the edge of the bed. We're so bright. This is revolutionary.

The bitch of it was that he got to turn his head and watch us in the wall-sized mirror (installed by previous owner) whilst I got to look at the wall behind his head (no mirror), imagining what he was seeing in the mirror.

- sulpicia past/future

* * * * *

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