Sexy Art Gallery: When Your Regular Art Gallery Isn't Sexy Enough

2008_03_25_sexyart.jpgWe know the feeling: you start looking around at all those "Hang In There Baby!" and Ziggy posters on your walls and start thinking to yourself "Dang, my art just isn't sexy enough." But how to fix the situation when it's 3 AM and your local Spencer Gifts is closed and a framed art print of two chicks making out on a Lamborghini isn't what you had it mind anyway? Head on over to the Sexy Art Gallery, where just about anything goes as long as it's sexy (and, presumably, arty). At an average price of several hundred dollars a pop, most of this art is out of our price range -- but the preview galleries provide plenty of free window shopping opportunities for even the most destitute of art aficionados. And if you're really desperate, we guess you could always crank out the inkjet and print out a few low-quality reproductions to brighten up your workspace. We're sure Ziggy would appreciate the company.

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