Hairy Girl Central Keeps The Fuzz Front And Center (And Everywhere Else)

Hairy Girl Central Keeps The Fuzz Front And Center (And Everywhere Else)How many times have you asked yourself, “Why isn’t there a blog that combs through all the best erotic sites and TGP pages to find galleries of unshaved girls and links them all together on one page?” Almost every day right? Well, believe it or not such a site actually exists! OK, maybe it’s not that hard to believe—there are actually plenty of places on the web that cater to fans of the hirsute set, but our latest find keeps it pretty simple with big pictures, links and well … hair. Up top or down below, these girls aren’t interested in razors or Nair — and they make a convincing case that maybe you shouldn’t be either.

· Hairy Girl Central (, via Otomano)

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  • Prof_Derzshowitz

    I don’t really mind the sight of girls who go “au naturel” down below, but I still find it somewhat difficult to stomach the whole hairy armpits thing.

    It kind of reminds of those old penthouse shots of Madonna, where she looked really good overall, except for when she lifted up her arms.

  • grrad

    I don’t mind the pubic hair as long as it’s neat and trimmed, but as for these examples: Yeeech! I need to go throw-up now.

  • Dashiell Bennett

    What a bunch of babies.

  • thelushie

    These photos look like something from the 1960s. I personally can’t stand hair under my arms and these photos give me the willies. (If it is your thing, though, rock on.)

  • Tits McGee

    For reals.

    If you’re not into the body hair, fine, but there’s no need to get all “ooh, gross” over it (and anyway, if you want to talk about gross, I find the prepubescent look of a hairless vadge way more willie-inducing).

    Me, I rock the fur in the wintertime and keep things smooth and trimmed the rest of the year. Variety = spice of life, no?

  • Come a little Miroslav Klose You’re My Kind of Man

    Prolly stand alone in this, but I prefer the pubic coif on the left, armpit grooming on the right. That’s right — if you cannot grow anymore than a stringy, pseudodread in your pit, leave it bare. I want something to hold to when I… well…