Boy Toys Make Sex Dolls Even More Creepy

Boy Toys Make Sex Dolls Even More Creepy

Are Real Dolls a little too “real” and mature looking for your tastes … you know, like they look like they’re going to ask you to remember to take out the garbage once you’re done having your way with them? Do you secretly fantasize about making it with the Bratz Dolls’ older, curvier sisters? Well, it’s your lucky year: the brand new Boy Toy Dolls are just what you’ve been looking for Handcrafted by the creator of Real Doll, they promise to offer all the real(ish) sensations of your favorite plastic sex surrogate with stylized, outsized anime-like facial features that are just the thing if you’ve ever fantasized about going on a date with Sailor Moon. But act fast, because these babes come in strictly limited quantities: “Each Boy Toy is named after a month, and the quantity of each doll that will be made will be equal to the number of days in that month. There will only be 31 Miss December dolls, 31 Miss January, etc.” They grow up so fast, don’t they?

· Boy Toy Dolls (; also spotted @ Otomano)

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  • Conrad

    Despite the gigantic eyes, they are much more successful at being realistic compared to so many other ‘real’ dolls. I think they make for better photos, then for having sex with.

  • MalzyWheels

    $7,500?!? Holy stinking crap! I can buy a real woman for that! And rent one for a hell of a lot less.

    I think I’ll wait until they add animatronics.

  • JamisonRD

    Yeah… nearly 8 grand is a bit much for a doll!

  • The Cam Lover

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  • Courts

    hi i was woulding who makes sex doll if i can send a pic who i want made can they make her from me