Getting SaSi At The 2008 AVN Expo

January 15, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by dashiell

It's pronounced like "sassy" and we know this because this gadget was one of the most talked about on the inanimate object side of the AVN Expo—the SaSi is the sex toy that learns. If you're as scared about a planetary robot takeover as we are, then the thought of a vibrator that understands your pleasure so well it can teach itself to get you off, might make you want to break out the tinfoil hats and start digging those underground dwellings. To assuage our fears, our fine friends at sex toy wonder emporium Babeland arranged a demonstration for us, courtesy of pornstar/vulva puppet instructor Daisy Lane. Keep in mind, this is only a prototype—they won't be available for purchase until spring—so you still have several good months left before SaSi become self-aware and enslaves you in orgasmic bliss.

· SaSi by JeJoue (
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· Video by Nick McGlynn

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