Nudyclips Delivers Movie Sex (Popcorn Not Included)

Nudyclips Delivers Movie Sex (Popcorn Not Included)Do you find the amateur sex on sites like YouPorn to be too, well ... amateur? And do you have trouble recognizing professional pornstars when only looking at their face? (Us too, sometimes!) Well, if you're the type of person who can only enjoy nudity when the naked person is more famous than you, then you'll probably love Nudyclips, the latest video sharing site that focuses almost exclusively of mainstream movie clips of actress you love to fap to. (Sorta like Mr. Skin, without the money.) Because film nudity is short, but dramatic and renting a whole DVD just to watch Alyssa Milano make vampire love for 30 seconds gets expensive. If you can even find a copy of the Pam Anderson classic "Snap Dragon," you probably deserve some kind of award.

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· Pamela Anderson on top in Snap Dragon (many more @

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