The Naked Women Of "Californication"

Even though the Showtime series "Califorrnication" contains another word for fucking right in the title, the name always makes us think of that annoying Red Hot Chili Peppers song—which is why we've never seen a single episode of the show. (Well, that and the thought of watching Agent Mulder have sex gives us the shakes.) But apparently there are other reasons to watch the show, such as the parade of hot women who (we assume) drive the main character to distraction in amusing, yet poignant ways. Fortunately, there are still dedicated screencappers out there who religious document this phenomenon in all its still-frame glory. This gallery reminds of the old days of the internet when video-on-demand and Bittorrent bootlegs were beyond the reach of dialer-uppers and captured images were the preferred outlet for movie and TV boobage. Like the middle aged man played by David Duchovny who searches each week for his lost youth in the sins of willing, nubile flesh (again, that's just an educated guess), we're suddenly feeling very old.

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