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October 31, 2003 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod

"Fleshbot, which might best be described as an erudite pornography site, with the same kind of catty writing and timely links that have made Gawker a must-read for New York's gossip crowd."
[New York Times]
"With two other Gawker Media publications—deliciously gossipy Gawker casting its witty gaze on pop culture news and Manhattan media goings on, and Gizmodo chronicling the latest gadgets, gizmos, and new technologiess— Fleshbot will engage with a popular and sundry component of the entertainment spectrum that can be economically viable as well."
[Adult Video News]
"A webzine for aficionados of both pornography and the technology that now drives much of it."
[Wired News]
"Top-shelf material has been brought into more fashionable territory, given edge, wit and sarcasm."
[Media Guardian]
"A mix of unabashedly explicit content and snarky social commentary, covered in a glaze of irony."
[Internet News]
"We know you're not really that interested in porn, but if you were, this would be the smartest portal to digital delight."
[Men's Journal - 100 Best Websites]
"Finally: Porn on the Internet."
"Somewhere below the National Enquirer."
"Just links to filth."
"Not worksafe. Really. Not. Worksafe."
"Not worksafe. Not wifesafe. Not kidsafe. It would be disappointing if it were any of that."
"Er, probably not work-safe."
"A veritable Instapundit of porn."
[Halley's Comment]
"Gawker's love child."
[Mr. Trinity]
"Gawker's slutty cousin."
[Francis Strand]
"Interesting, salacious, sexy, straight, queer, largely pop-up free outside sources of information, education, and entertainment."
[Yes Portal]
"Takes the finger-work out of looking for interesting porn."
[Paranoid Android]
"A useful resource for your erotosurfing pleasure."
"This magazine may well leave similar 'link-oriented' sites eating its dust."
"...(I)nexplicably, has transmogrified Net porn from shameful late night habit of the dateless to the topic du jour amongst coffeehouse intellectuals."
[The Agitator]
"Intelligent, sexy, accessible, naughty, easy on the eyes, and always an exciting surprise. Fleshbot was exactly what the world needed."
[Violet Blue]
"We haven't been disappointed. This diversion is updated quite frequently with interesting articles, links to photo galleries, videos and reviews, as well as a great gay section with plenty to keep the 'queer eye' decidedly satisfied. We expected a membership requirement to pop up at any moment and ask us for money, but it never did, making this one of the web's greatest treasures (and bargains)."
[Freddy & Eddy]
"Fleshbot.com is the smartest, most useful site on the Internet. Necessary reading for anyone remotely connected to or interested in porn, Fleshbot covers the newest, hottest, most bizarre shit with clever write-ups by editor John d'Addario."
[Village Voice]
"This essential blog tracks down the most interesting gay sex sites and news so that you don't have to. It's our first site every morning after Drudge, to check out what obscure skin gallery they've dug up this time."
"Best Source for Gay Porn"
[Queer Day]
"The Big Daddy of all porn blogs!"
[PenisBot's Porn Links]
"A porn blog done right."

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