The Rubbot: Hands Free Masturbation Is (Almost) Here

October 26, 2007 | Posted in Pornstars by jonno

2007_10_26_rubbot.jpgWhat's round, blue, and trying to get you off? Why, the Rubbot, of course, a sex toy for men that's currently under development by a product design team in San Francisco that is also soliciting beta testers from among masturbators just like you for the project. Using something called the "Inch Worm Concept" to provide a fully automated wanking experience, the Rubbot's creators promise that it will prove to be "compact, hands-free, cool-looking and . . . let's just say, 'effective'" upon its release sometime next year. As far as we're concerned, a male sex toy we don't have to use one of our hands to fiddle with couldn't come a minute too soon, especially since our jobs require keeping at least one hand free for typing and mouse clicking and stuff—and that Thai hooker we keep hiring to take care of our other manual needs while we're working is starting to get awfully expensive.

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