Photoplay: Virtually Sexing Shay Jordan

Photoplay: Virtually Sexing Shay Jordan"I love when I'm fucking a guy and he prematurely comes," says horter Shay Jordan in her new interactive DVD. "It means that my pussy is that hot." (Or that he has a commonly recognized medical condition you insensitive person. And it was just once.)

Let's join (you) for (your) virtual endeavors with Shay J., in front of a green screen or on a table, after the gap.

- - -

"Hey Sexy. Do you like what you see here? This pretty little body? This thin, young little body?" (What are you saying?)

Photoplay: Virtually Sexing Shay Jordan

Shay J. was rolled out by Digital Playground last year. Sort of a shorter Sophia Santi who does guys. (In this case, [you] are played by Scott Nails). Shay J. was born in the Phillippines and has been very friendly each time (we've) met her.

Photoplay: Virtually Sexing Shay Jordan

"I'm a Scorpio. Scorpios are ruled by their genitals."

Photoplay: Virtually Sexing Shay Jordan

"I've never had a one-night stand, but if I did, it would have to be in some other place. Talk to a guy, fall in love with his words, even if they're all game, and then have wild passionate monkey sex."

Photoplay: Virtually Sexing Shay Jordan

One of the possible outcomes of (your) tryst with Shay J. is the traditional coming on the feet.

Jordan has a very appealing but slight Spanish accent, which makes her pronunciation of "dick" seem especially nasty.

"When you're watching my movies, get off hard. Because I'm thinking of you when I'm doing it."

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