Skeeter's Squirting Challenge

December 30, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


In what promises to be a watershed moment (heh) in this year's ongoing debate over female ejaculation, pornmeister and dedicated amateur gynecologist Skeeter Kerkove is offering "Goddess of Gush" Cytherea $10,000 if she can prove that her signature fluid is something other than plain ol'-fashioned piss: "You never see a squirter without her water bottle ... Anything over an ounce is humanly impossible." Skeeter's challenge involves an empty bladder, a urinary tract infection pill, and a can of Red Bull; we'll let you read the story at AdultFYI to see how it all mixes up.

"Squirters Full of It Says Skeeter" (Adult FYI)

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