Alexis Lechero in "Lust in Translation"

December 30, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


If we were handing out year-end awards here at Fleshbot this week like everyone else is, our prize for Money Shot of the Year would go to the appropriately named, hitherto unknown Alex Lechero in David del Dorado's "Lust in Translation"; we caught a VHS preview of the shot-on-location (heh) video a few weeks months ago, and were reminded of it today thanks to its brand new DVD release. We can't do better than to describe Alexis' sailor-suited solo performance than to quote Gay Porn Blog, who awarded him the honor: "Sort of insane. Like imagine turning on a water fountain for like five seconds and only milk came out?"

El Dorado Entertainment: "Lust In Translation" (DVD info @ Lucas Distribution)

See more of Alexis and his prize-winning performance after the jump.


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