DVDs: "8 Inches" Series

December 28, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


If you should ever find yourself enjoying a quiet evening in an adult movie theatre in Rio (admit it: stranger things have happened), keep in mind director Max Julien's modus operandi for his very hot "8 Inches" series: "This video was partially shot with a hidden camera in several Brazilian porn theaters. The images were taken without any control over the subjects ... Except for credited performers, all other participants are anonymous and unaware of the camera." You'll see several of the credited performers in Marcostudio's model galleries; if you happen to recognize anyone else while watching either of the DVDs, however, maybe you should just keep it to yourself?

"8 Inches": Part 1 (2003) and Part 2 (DVD info @ marcostudio.com)
Marcostuds (model profiles and galleries @ marcostudio.com)
Thumbnail: Raul Dias

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