Petra Nemcova

December 28, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Our thoughts go out this week to Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Petra Nemcova, who was severely injured in the tsunami which struck South and Southeast Asia this past weekend; as questionable as it may have been of the New York Daily News to feature her experience on their front page today at the expense of the tens of thousands of less famous victims who died in the disaster, we hope we're not being too insensitive by expressing a particular interest in her speedy recovery.

"N.Y. supermodel held on for dear life for 8 hours in raging surf" (NY Daily News)
"Guest OpEd: Phuck NYDN" (Gawker)

Sports Illutrated Swimsuit Calendar 2003: Petra Nemcova (
Petra Nemcova (.avi @, via Your Dirty Mind)
Petra Nemcova (Ask Men)
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