"Barbara Broadcast"

December 28, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


If you've never seen "Barbara Broadcast", the delightfully surreal 1977 XXX classic directed by Radley Metzger (aka Henry Paris), we're not sure photographer Clayton Cubitt's visual synopsis of the film would be the best introduction; after all, he compresses the action into a mere 31 vidcaps, concentrating more on the formal aspects of the cinematography than on the film's narrative or cast, which includes legends Annette Haven and Constance Money. However, as the latest artsy example of his "visual research in porn aesthetic", we think the project is pretty darn brilliant. And even those 31 caps look a hell of a lot more interesting than most of the hardcore stuff being shot today.

"Barbara Broadcast" in 31 Frames (vidcaps @ claytoncubitt.com)

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