Keyra Speaks

December 23, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


So there seems to be little doubt by this point that the real owner of the Mystery Booty we've been following with such close attention over the last few weeks is indeed the young woman who posts as "Keyra" on, where she's been a member since 2003. According to SuperTangas' webmaster, who contacted us today, she's a 19 year old student from Argentina whose pictures were stolen from her computer by a Trojan virus—and in her latest post, she very politely asks for everyone who's posted pictures of her face on other sites to remove them out of respect "to the privacy of my relatives and friends". At this point, we don't think it's going to be easy getting the cat back in the bag (so to speak), but since she's brought so much joy to so many we figured the least we could do is help spread the word on her behalf. Best of luck, Keyra!

Keyra, 12/21/04 ( - thanks also to Mark for a link to this translation)

Update Alas, Supertangas seems to have put all the links we originally had here in their members-only area, so we can't link directly to Keyra's journal anymore—but if you want to see the pics, you can try looking here.

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