Celebrity Skin Roundup

December 22, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We're sorry for not bringing you more celebrity skin sightings lately, but the pickings have been pretty slim: whether it's the cold weather or the natural modesty and tradition of the holiday season, there haven't even been any decent nipple slips worth reporting, never mind anything along the lines of another Paris, Cameron, or Tara-related incident. Rather than bore you with a series of half-assed posts, then, we figured we'd just collect the handful we have come across and post them here. Let's hope everyone starts getting more naked again when the new year rolls around.

Christina Aguilera (Almost) Nip Slip (server4free.de - thanks Summer)
Tara Reid's Sister Nip Slip, Natalie Portman Seethrough, and Hilary Duff Upskirt (taxidrivermovie.com)
Gena Lee Nolin Topless on Beach (uselessjunk.com - thanks Drew)
Emily Proctor (CSI) in "The Breast Men" (1997) (freenet.de, via YDM)

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