Titan's "ManPlay" Series

December 21, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Query: can a series of amateur porn videos put out by a professional gay porn company still be called "amateur"? Gay Porn Blog seems to think so in its breathless review of Titan's "ManPlay" series, which couples Titan's stellar production values with mostly unknown, non-professional models in over a dozen editions' worth of hardcore action; not every model is a standout (to put it kindly, though some have gone on to the big leagues), but the videos still have a raw sexual energy often missing from glossier studio productions these days. (For the record, we happen to like all those cheap Ikea torchieres and embarrassingly upholstered sofas in the usual brand of amateur porn, but we're kind of perverse that way.)

"ManPlay: Redefining Amateur Gay Porn" (series info and links to previews @ Gay Porn Blog)
Order: Titan's "ManPlay" Series (Gay DVD Empire)

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