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December 21, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


If you believe the backstory behind this amateur smut site, the clips posted here are the webmaster's revenge on the faithless "Taylor", who met Olivier "at a popular NYC nightclub" and subsequently broke his heart "into one million little pieces"—but not before he was able to film 20 videos of them having sex. The whole she-done-me-wrong narrative gets pretty overwrought, not to mention a little confusing in the pronoun department ("He fucked my loose pussy about 35 different ways and she sucked his dick a whole bunch because I am too white trash poor to buy good hair care products and she like to put his baby batter up there" ... come again?)—but the Patsy Cline soundtrack in the preview clip is a nice touch, and we have to admit that "Taylor" is indeed quite the heartbreaker. Maybe she just needs a better scriptwriter.

Taylor Bow (membership preview @ taylorbow.com - more links to previews @ Sensible Erection)

Update More on "Taylor"'s various porno alter agos after the jump ...

Fleshbot reader John writes: "Through discussion at empornium.us we recently found that TaylorBow.com was also RileyRider.com at one point. He even refers to her as 'Riley Rider' in one scene. She also made an appearance on netvideogirls.com as 'Anna' and in "Creamed Cuties 3" as 'Lexi'." Wait, so she's not a real amateur model some guy picked up in a nightclub? Color us shocked!

You can (still) check out RileyRider.com here, and see more of Taylor/Riley/Anna/Lexi in 30 TGP/preview galleries @ Ask Jolene.

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