Sex Blog Roundup: Kiss Us, You Fools

July 24, 2007 | Posted in Pornstars by jonno

2007_07_24_kissing.jpgAwash as you (and, uh, we) sophisticated pervs are in the heavily-lubed, black leather-harnessed, giant strap-on'd, rusty-tromboned world of sexual excess, you might forget the not-so-simple delights of the simple kiss. You do remember kissing, don't you? Just two lips and two tongues pressing against each other in a swirl of spit and teeth and naughty sweet goodness. In case your memory needs a bit more refreshing, today's selection of some of our favorite recent moments from the sex blog scene will remind you how great a good old fashioned smooch—from the violent kiss of a leather flogger, to a hot makeout session in a bathroom stall, to watching an innocent gal's first lesbian flutterings—can be.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Chelsea Girl

- - -

The Violent Kiss

Its soft suede strands kiss my skin. "Trust me," they whisper. Floating down my back, they tell me that I'm safe, that I'll get what I want, that this is what I want. And this: the snap across my tender flesh, the ferocious bite, the startling violence and force of the pain: it is what I want.

I ready myself for it in my mind, listening to the tails swish through the air, knowing that soon they will feel as though they flay my skin from the bone, but not yet. I make my body wait defenselessly, soft and vulnerable and trusting. I brace my mind, but not my muscles, in readiness.

- The Naked Truth

- - -

Fire Escape

She ran her finger down the passive girl's sternum, tracing a circle around her nipple; and lightly pinching it through the fabric.
As though their heat pulled all of the moisture from within me, my mouth went suddenly dry. My light head fell from my top, down to posture in front of my bottom - deep inside me. The butterflies began to encircle my entire being.
I was nervous for them. For her. But also, for me.
In this moment of intimate city living, I didn't want to be seen. But I desperately wanted to be known.
Secretly I was begging the passive girl to oblige the desirous girl's request.
"You know... I've never even kissed another girl ..."

- The Provocateur

- - -

Dirty Lace

After a few dances we made our way to the ladies room where I pulled her into the last stall. Against the wall, I kissed her. Her tongue quickly darted into my mouth. Not the least bit shy or nervous and it made me question her claim that she had never been with another woman before. We kissed for a bit, pushing my breasts against her and resting my hands around her waist. Her lips were warm and needy. My height, she lowered herself under me a bit, moaning a softly into my mouth. I wanted to fucking devour her.

- Bad, Bad Girl

- - -


"Over here," I ordered, pointing towards the somwhat larger handicapped stall.
"But what if we're caught, what if your wife finds out?"
I just guffawed and waited. Slowly, she made her way over. Her breathing was getting rapid. The fear of discovery seemed to excite her after she had accepted her situation. I closed the stall door, and turned her to face it.  I mauled her breasts forcefully with both hands, as I began to kiss her neck.  Then I unbuttoned the straps that held her dress in place, allowing the dress to drop to her waist.  I took the straps from her bra, pulling them down along her arms gently and slowly, but only enough to free her breasts from the constraint, but keeping it high enough that it now served to keep her arms pinned to her side.

- Meet Joe Flirt

- - -

Fulfilling His Dream, Part 2
He put his lips to mine as he began to really fuck me. He started off more slowly than usual, but his rhythm gradually evolved until he was pounding me as usual. He kissed me firmly as he thrust bare into me and my nerves screamed. Then he kept his mouth at mine and breathed in my sounds. He held me close. He had never been more inside me.

He fucked me until I was crying out and thrashing below him. He fucked me until I dug my fingers hard into his back and could barely breathe. He lifted himself up on his arms and faked an orgasm.

"Stop it! So not funny," I laughed.

- My Sexual Misadventures

- - -

Matters of the Heart

he laid right next to my rigid body as i held the vibrator firmly against my hardened clit. the words of filth spewed from him as he was trying to get me off. i couldn't speak and all i could do was answer him with moans, groans and ragged breath. i could feel the sweat starting to bead on my skin, my eyes were closed and my tongue was like a cat's tail.
"you look so sexy."
i bit my bottom lip.

- Gracie's Playground

- - -

"Kiss me," I tell you.

Your lips are warm after the chill of the rain. No, not warm; hot. Searing. Your clever tongue finds mine, and together they tease and swirl and dance as you press yourself hard against me. I feel your body as though we were both naked: the softness and strength of your belly; the tautness of your thighs; the imperious curves of your breasts and the unmistakable peaks of your nipples. My cock rises, filling, thickening, and even though my jeans are as stiff as calico, your gasp tells me that you feel me well enough.

- Easily Aroused

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