Monday Morning After

December 20, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Yow know the sex news week is getting off to a slow start when the most interesting story we could find in the Sunday papers for our semi-regular Monday morning tabloid roundup feature is a report on The Sun's Page 3 Idol contest winner (the Penelope Cruz/Salma Hayek bum-grabbing incident had its possibilities, though it's a bit of a stretch even for The Sun). Hopefully once the holiday season is over they'll get back to more substantial fare, like news of new celebrity sex tapes or nude appearances by obscure reality show contestants.

"Keeley's our Page 3 winner" (The Sun UK)

Meanwhile, News of the World reports on two blonde babes running around naked or something. We can't really say it's newsworthy, but hey ... boobies!

Doubly jubbly (News of the World)

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