Playboy's iBod Promo

December 16, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We should've known a cultural bellwether like Playboy would jump on the iPod Porn bandwagon sooner or later, even if their take on the concept isn't quite what we were hoping for: its new iBod promotion capitalizes on the popularity of the iPod Photo and allows you to add "some of our sexiest girls next door ... right to your portable player". Translation: a free portfolio of cheesecake .JPGs which aren't particularly iPod-related (except for their horizontal format) and which you can just as easily view on your computer desktop, even if your preferred personal listening device is a 1988 Sony Walkman. Maybe they'll let some of those sexy girls next door actually pose with iPods for version 2.0?

iBod: Portable Player Nude Photos (free .zip download of 25 photos @

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