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December 16, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Of course, tech nerds are all excited today about the beta launch of Yahoo!'s new Video Search feature—but even they know the real reason why it's already generating a lot of interest. To save you from having to enter all those search terms over and over again (or until Yahoo! gets around to posting that "Jenna Jameson" button, as suggested in the Slashdot thread), we've collected direct links to several of the ones you'll probably be using most for your convenience. Have fun ... and let us know if you come up with anything good.

Yahoo! Video Search: "Anal" · "Ass" · "Blowjob" · "Boobies" · "Bukkake" · "Cock" · "Fuck" · "Gay Porn" · "MILF" · "Orgy" · "Porn" · "Pussy" · "Suck" · "Threeway" · "Tits" ( - thanks Patrick)

Note: you may have to sign in to your Yahoo! account (if you have one) and turn off "safe filtering" to get to the good stuff.

Thumbnail: still from you-know-what, via Yahoo! Video Search

Update Another reader tip: "Most of the videos that come up by default are short, just a few seconds. The 'advanced search' has a feature that lets you specify videos at least a minute long. Much more, er, useful!" Thanks Dave!

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