"Azn Invasion"

December 16, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


While we're in the subject of big boobs today (not to mention MySpace profiles), may we have the pleasure of introducing you to this amateur model who goes by the name of "Azn Invasion"—or to whoever created a MySpace profile using her photos? Our tipster asks, "It would seem that someone with breasts that huge and looks quite cute would have a website somewhere" and goes on to ponder: "How does she hug people? What about other things like ... walking without falling over? Or driving a car?" We're pretty curious too. If anyone knows where we can see more of her, let us know. (We need a distraction to keep from obsessing about Mystery Booty this week anyway.)

"~!azn invasion!~ on MySpace" (spiceplay.com - thanks Scott)
"~!azn invasion!~" (profile @ MySpace)

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