"Dalia" Exposed!

December 16, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We really hate to say "we told you so" (er, even if we weren't quite sure ourselves whether it was fake or not when we first posted the link), but we have incontestable proof that that "Dalia" profile on MySpace does not belong to the Mystery Booty babe everyone's been going crazy about. (If you're just joining us, you can catch up on the buttock brouhaha here and here.) Reader RG sends us this photo and explains, "The fact that she's holding up a Supertangas sign puts Dalia's 'angry boyfriend story' in an interesting light." Sure, there's always the Photoshop possibility—but we think the anonymous tip we received at Gawker HQ today makes things pretty clear as well. Good one, y'all!

"HOLY CRAP@MYSPACE MESSAGE!!!" (discussion thread @ mma.tv)

See also: Got Bubble? ("Reward For Information Leading To The Capture Of This Ass" @ do-you-know-this-girls.info)

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Meanwhile, another reader notes a resemblance we should've thought about ourselves: "Model Vida Guerra is pretty much identical to your Mystery Booty. If it's not the same girl, maybe they are both the spawn of a magical Argentinean Super-Booty? Either way, I just booked a flight to Buenos Aires." (celebrityframes.com - thanks Philip; see also Fleshbot's Vida Guerra post archive)

The bottom line? We still don't know who she is for sure. But it's been fun trying to figure it out, right?

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