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December 15, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


The lovely Joanna wears many hats at Burning Angel: in addition to being their company spokesmodel, she also managed to star in their first sex-and-gorefest video release "Re-Penetrator" while dealing with a terminally infected nose piercing and two "boys from Wisconsin with weird sexual issues" over the past few months. And she's not wearing anything at all (save for some Christmas lights and the odd pair of fishnets and/or panties) in the photos you'll find after the jump. Aren't you glad to get a chance to see what she looks like when she's not covered in fake blood?

Joanna (profile @ Burning Angel - more photos after the jump)

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Photos courtesy Burning Angel - click for larger versions:

BA_joanna_1.jpg BA_joanna_2.jpg
BA_joanna_3.jpg BA_joanna_4.jpg
BA_joanna_5.jpg BA_joanna_6.jpg
BA_joanna_7.jpg BA_joanna_8.jpg

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