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December 14, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We were going to write some lameass holiday copy for this installment of our weekly babe roundup—you know, something involving "naughty elves" or "decking your halls", etc.—but we need to give the Christmas thing a break for a while. (Besides, we already did that last week.) Bring on the girls!

· Ashleigh (
· Danielle Gamba (, via
· Faith (Bods for the Mods)
· Frederica Fontana (, via Babes Kick Ass!)
· Great View (Attu, pictured)
· Jade (La Batidora)

· Jamie Lynn (Bad Girls Blog)


· Katrin & Jenny (Sexual Collection)
· Lenka (Coolio's)
· River (Kindgirls)


· Sphere (Chicas Bonitas)
· Suzie Carina (Amables)

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