"It" Girl Roundup

December 13, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


'Tis the season for "Best Of" lists and year-end instant nostalgia roundups, and while you won't find any of them here at Fleshbot (at least not until next week, when we're itching for Christmas vacation and have to come up with some cheap material to fill our post quota), we noted two of the more interesting ones this weekend. Sadly, there's nothing porn-related in the New York Times' "Year in Ideas" review (unless you count "Debunking Photoshop Fakery"), but the far sexier New York Magazine's "It Happened This Year" features a curiously stuffy piece on 2004's "It" girls (aka the Paris-Nicky-Nicole-Lindsay-Tara continuum)—which also conventiently serves as a summary of some of the finest celebrity sex moments of the past twelve months. We're not sure what the "it" that was lost actually refers to (dignity? respect? Amex cards?), but clearly their loss was our gain!

"'It' Girls Lost It" (newyorkmetro.com)

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