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December 13, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· Frankly, we've read a lot of smut worse than Tom Wolfe's this year—but then again, words like "otorhinolaryngological" tend to turn us on anyway. (CNN)

· Warning: you will have nightmares for weeks after viewing this very, very strange Japanese music video. (Or wet dreams in which you're rhythmically molested by an army of busty Asian girls while wearing a pair of tighty whities, depending.) "12 Girls Banned", anyone? (.wmv video @ ryoni.com)

Smart. Sexy. Anal. Kinky. Fun." The very lovely Tristan Taormino brings us five of our favorite adjectives all in one place: the newly revamped Puckerup.com, which launched today.

· The cameraphone smut backlash continues: Congress approved a bill today punishing anyone who "sneaks photos or videos of people in various stages of undress" with fines and jail time. (CNN)

· China hosts the world's first "Miss Plastic Surgery" contest—which we guess is just like your typical Western beauty contest except, like, everyone's Chinese or something. (BBC; photos @ Asian Sex Gazette)

· Maybe religion and porn aren't really anithetical after all: "This is a place for Christians who believe in Biblical submission discipline of women." And hot naked boobs, apparently. (Yahoo! Groups - thanks Zach)


· On behalf of the beauties of Hustler Hollywood, we'd like to take this early opportunity to wish you a Happy New Rear! (OK, so The Sun beat us to that pun—but we probably would've thought of it ourselves sooner or later.) (thesun.co.uk)

· Heidi Fleiss plans to open two new brothels, according to the NY Daily News, proving once again that you can't keep a good woman down. Or can you? (Adult FYI)

· When just plain amateurs aren't enough: are Overdeveloped Amateurs too much of a good thing? We didn't think so. (preview @ overdevelopedamateurs.com - thanks Steve)

· Hey, we'd love to be driving a "Fitta", a "Pajero", or an "Opel Ascona". Wouldn't you? (grantsautorants.blogs.com, via Jalopnik)

· We'd have thought everyone knew about Lego block structure porn by now, but judging from the number of folks who sent us this tip today (following its Metafilter appearance), we're guessing it must be new to some people. So for the remaining 47 or so of you on the interweb who haven't seen it before ... enjoy! (archive.org)

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