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December 13, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We received dozens of comments, tips, and sightings regarding the identity of the "Mystery Booty" we posted here last week, but one of the most interesting came from a reader who tracked down said model's alleged MySpace profile and included an excerpt from a recent blog entry which explains why her photos are suddenly everywhere: "My old boyfriend in Brasil took lots of photographs of me and then when I came to New York he was mad and gave my photographs to a website He is a big idiot! I did not know of this until my cousin in Brasil tell to me on the telephone. I like everyone to see my photographs, but I want to show them, not my former boyfriend and not supertangas!" If she's willing to send us a photo of herself holding up a Fleshbot sign or something, we'd be happy to post it here to help settle the confusion once and for all. 'Cause we care.*

"Dalia" (profile @ MySpace - thanks CB)

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*More updates and sightings after the jump.

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Update The plot thickens: CB points us to another MySpace profile using the same pics—is this the user who "Dalia" accuses of stealing her photos, the actual model depicted in them, or are both profiles futher examples of internet chicanery? Will the real Mystery Booty please stand up?

"Kiki" (profile @ MySpace)

Update We're going to have to hire an intern to keep track of all the Mystery Booty theories and sightings that keep rolling in—here's a few of the more interesting ones we've received since we originally published this post.

BG writes:

"not sure if this helps any or not, but interestingly enough it looks like both myspace accounts are pretty fake looking. i'm not sure when the initial craze for this model started, but you first posted about her on the 8th. the 'Dalia' account was created Dec 5th, and the 'Kiki' account was created Dec 3rd—all too close together to be real."

And this from Seth:

"I've read the last updates about Mystery Booty, and, as a soccer fan from Italy, one thing make me think: Why does she wear an Argentina soccer team t-shirt if she's Brazilian? If you know about soccer and soccer fans this would seem strange to you too. A Brazilian girl with the #10 t-shirt of (Argentinian soccer player) Diego Armando Maradona ... It's like Bush wearing a Bin Laden t-shirt!!!

Meanwhile, it looks like some people are taking this search very seriously. (

(Oh, and that "Dalia" profile we posted a link to above? Totally fake. But you probably figured that out already, right?)

Update Dalia exposed! Read more ...

Keep 'em coming, folks!

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